What is bone cancer? What are the symptoms of bone cancer? Is there a cure for bone cancer?

Although it is benign, bone cancer, which negatively affects the patient’s quality of life, can be seen at any age for various reasons. Especially experts warn people with low bone density, cancer formation is faster in these people. So what is bone cancer? What are the symptoms of bone cancer? Is there a cure for bone cancer? You can find everything you wonder about bone cancer in the details of the news.

Bone cancers can be diagnosed with X-rays during childhood and adolescence. This type of cancer occurs due to other types of cancer. type of bone cancer “Osteosarcoma” name is given. Bone cancer, which mostly occurs in the bones of the legs and arms, is often seen in a part of the thigh bone in the leg, the lower leg bone near the knee, or the part of the arm close to the shoulder. Bone density is very important for development. Low bone density resulting from calcium deficiency and excess uric acid invites cancer. The cause of bone cancer at an early age is due to wrong exercise and irregular diet. As the age progresses, the probability of experiencing systematic diseases increases, and the basis for tumor formation is prepared.

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Bone cancer is more common in men than women.

Rapid development of bones, mostly in taller youth and adults, is another risk factor.

It can be seen due to increasing diseases and long-term bone diseases in advanced ages.

Radiation applied to the bone area to treat a different type of cancer in young patients may cause bone cancer to develop later in the person.

Some bone diseases that are not cancerous carry the risk of causing bone cancer.

Some genetic features are also considered among the risk actors for bone cancer. Teenagers and adults with certain inherited signs of cancer have an increased risk of osteosarcoma.

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If bone pain does not go away with drugs,

If the severity of the pain is gradually increasing,

If swelling and redness are also noticed in the bones,

If there is mass and stiffness in the area of ​​pain,

It is among the symptoms of bone cancer that it continues with symptoms such as loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, fever, limp and rash.

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With the developing technology, it is tried to treat cancer without loss of limb. As the tumor located in the bones and tissues is permanent, treatment becomes more difficult. Therefore, it is beneficial to intervene in pain early. Although it is a benign tumor, the follow-up of this cancer is very important. Without the need for surgery, specialists take control with chemotherapy and drugs or with minor operations.

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