What is blue tongue disease? How is blue tongue disease transmitted? Symptoms of blue tongue disease

The blue tongue disease, which appeared in two villages in the Yumurtalık district of Adana the previous day, scared the villagers. We have done research for you about the blue tongue disease, which is curious after the quarantined area. The most curious thing is, is this disease transmitted to humans? is the question. What is blue tongue disease? How is blue tongue disease transmitted? Symptoms of blue tongue disease

Blue tongue disease, which is recorded in the scientific literature as Blue Tongue, is an animal disease. Although it is more common in animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and camels, it can also be experienced in some wild animals. Culicoides is spread by flies and transmitted to animals. It mixes with the blood when these flies bite animals. The virus in their blood shows symptoms just like the flu infection in humans. It remains as an incubation for the first seven days in the infected animal. Then the symptoms appear. It spreads so quickly that it is quarantined as soon as it is noticed. He was seen in Adana yesterday. In two villages, most of the animals got sick because of this. Villages were evacuated. Other animals are vaccinated.

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Bluetongue is transmitted to people in different ways, but does not cause severe consequences.

HOW IS BLUE Tongue Disease Transmitted?

  • It is transmitted as BT virus and infects animals through flies or mosquitoes. It is not transmitted from infected animal to animal. It is determined that flies carrying this virus are more common in the region, just under the rapid spread. Therefore, the area is sprayed and the animals are vaccinated.

CAN BLUE Tongue Disease Transmit to Humans?

There is no clear academic explanation for this. However, after this disease is seen in animals, it has been determined that metabolic diseases are seen in humans who benefit from their meat and milk. It is not considered a severe infection as it causes damage to the intestine and digestion.

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poisoning in humans leads to digestive upset


  1. Just as the virus transmitted to humans lowers the immunity, the BT virus also lowers the immunity of the animal. It contaminates the blood and disrupts body temperature. This causes the fever to suddenly rise to 40.
  2. The fire-induced animal begins to suck around its mouth with its tongue.
  3. Inflammation and edema in animals are eliminated in different ways. This leads to blueness on their tongue or around the mouth.
  4. In addition, sores occur on the mouth, nose and feet. The skin begins to turn red.
  5. In pregnant animals, their offspring are born with AD syndrome.
  6. As the severity increases and if not intervened early, the animal dies within 5 days at the most.

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