What is black elderberry? How to consume black elderberry? What are the benefits of black elderberry?

Black elderberry, which is rich in vitamin C, is a very effective food in strengthening immunity as well as cleaning viruses and bacteria. We have searched for you what has been wondered about black elderberry, which is a miraculous food that nature has offered to human beings for centuries. So what is black elderberry? How to consume black elderberry? What are the benefits of black elderberry? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news:

Black elderberry, whose scientific name is Sambucus nigra, grows on trees in the form of bushes. It is also called black elder, European elder, European elderberry and European black elderberry. It grows easily in wet and moist soils. It is beneficial for people who know this food, which is poisonous in some forms, to collect it. The fruits, which are formed with white flowers, have red, purple and black colors as they mature. Black elderberry, which contains a strong vitamin C, is also used as a raw material in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The fruit, which is frequently consumed in Northern Europe and North America, is grown in the Black Sea lands in our country. The fruits that come out in the form of a bush bloom with the spring. At the end of April, fruits begin to form. People usually consume the fruit by extracting its juice or making its jam. The fruit, which has been consumed for healing purposes throughout history, is turned into capsules and sold in pharmacies. Experts warn about unconscious use. It does not benefit when consumed excessively. It easily meets the vitamin C needed by the human body during the day. It is a natural remedy especially for those with iron deficiency.


Viruses and bacteria that increase in seasonal transitions cause an increase in the occurrence of upper respiratory tract diseases. The immune system must be strong in order to prevent these diseases, which can have serious consequences if no precautions are taken. Immunity, which needs to be resistant especially in terms of producing antibodies, also needs water. Black elderberry juice both strengthens immunity thanks to vitamin C and reduces the possibility of increased antibodies to cause high fever.

Since it is a strong anti-inflammatory, it easily removes the phlegm accumulated in the throat and nasal passages. It prevents the accumulation of infection in the urinary tract or blood. It purifies the body from toxins and renews the structure of the cells. Thanks to this feature, it has been determined in studies that it prevents the occurrence of cancer diseases.

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Black elderberry, which contains antioxidant substances, also contributes to skin health. Its cell regeneration feature prevents not only organs but also the dermis, which is the lower layer of the skin, from being deformed. It also prevents conditions such as premature aging. It keeps the skin bright and lively for a long time. In ancient times, women used to beat black elderberry in a mortar and apply it to their faces. Nowadays, there are special masks with black elderberry extract.

Black elderberry, which is a natural medicine in the digestive system, maintains the balance of the intestinal flora. It strengthens the stomach wall and prevents the formation of ulcers or reflux. It facilitates the enzymization of nutrients. Thanks to its fiber feature, it prevents constipation by increasing intestinal functions. It prevents the occurrence of health problems such as colon and bowel cancer.

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It prevents the imbalance of the menstrual cycle that women see every month. It makes the hormonal glands work more healthily. Even if it does not directly prevent cyst formation, it prevents situations that will cause cyst formation. It eliminates the deficiency of vitamins and minerals that women lose especially during the menstrual period.

Since it contributes to the production of collagen, it prevents bone, tooth and muscle loss. Black elderberry, which makes them stronger, delays the loss of water in the bones, which is likely to be seen in advanced ages, and the occurrence of rheumatic diseases. Local people say that black elderberry is the secret of life thanks to this feature. In addition, experts, without exaggeration, emphasize that it would be beneficial for children to consume during pregnancy and developmental age.

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