What is bipolar disorder? What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder? Is there a cure for bipolar?

Bipolar, which means two poles as a word, we have searched for you who are curious about it. People with bipolar disorder experience sudden mood swings. The patient, who has short attacks, breaks away from reality after a while. Famous names such as world stars Kurt Cobain or Selena Gömez have been caught in bipolar, which is a psychological disorder. So what is bipolar disorder? What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder, known as manic-depressive in the scientific literature, is a psychological disorder. Bipolar mood swing bipolar disorder develops after health problems such as depression and stress. In daily life, the patient suddenly experiences two different emotional states in the face of the events experienced. People with this disorder, who have sharp exits and entrances, want to stay away from social activities. In recent years, this manic illness is seen in almost 60 percent of the population. It is especially likely to be seen as a result of the development experienced by people in adolescence. The sudden change in the substances in the brain disrupts the command signals. Because the person cannot think clearly, he cannot predict his feelings. In addition, people with a family history of bipolar disorder may also experience the disease. In addition, the person may face this health problem while trying to suppress emotional traumas and excessively heavy depressive episodes. Recently, world-famous young singer Selena Gömer also admitted that she has bipolar disorder in a live broadcast on her social media account. Her voice trembled as the young singer, battling this disease, stated that she had borderline crises when she did not control her emotions. Gömez has been in the television world since the age of 10.

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The manic sufferer is abnormally happy. He laughs and makes jokes. However, the patient may experience sudden nervous breakdowns. This is where bipolar comes in. While trying to control his emotions, the social environment of the patient, who has conflict, develops cracks. As this progresses, the patient becomes depressed in this cut and becomes withdrawn. The patient who gives sudden reactions leaves, instead of a person who looks tired all the time.


sleep does not want to sleep

Has difficulty focusing and concentrating

spends more money than necessary

Thinks he has superior powers

keep moving in place

Constant urge to talk and think

inclination to bad habits

Symptoms such as decreased judgment ability are seen in the mania period.

These symptoms should be seen for a maximum of one month. After this process, the person must consult a specialist. In addition, during this period, the person sometimes experiences hypmania. In this process, which is seen in other stages independent of its onset, the patient’s latent abilities are revealed. At this time, it is not clear whether the person is sick.

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Patient feeling pessimistic

Tired and low energy during the day

Dementia or forgetfulness, due to the inability to control the signals in the brain waves

Waking up frequently at night and wanting to sleep during the day

Feels worthless in society

that nothing in his life is okay and that he is helpless

Symptoms such as having difficulty in eating appear during this period.

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As the patient oscillates between two emotions, the digestive system is adversely affected. This is why eating disorders can occur.

Since the opposite situation may occur, excessive weight gain or obesity may also occur.

It brings anxiety disorder as a result of thinking that it is being talked about and being helpless.

Rapid changes in brain waves can trigger migraines.

Hormonal disorders due to emotional changes pave the way for thyroid diseases.

It can develop after panic attacks, broken heart syndrome or burnout syndromes.

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He should try to regulate his sleep, even if it is difficult. For this, you can consume regular fennel tea or banana in the evening.

He should immediately leave the places where he is stressed and turn to whatever he is happy with.

He should stay away from bad substances and habits at the same time from people.

He should take regular walks.

By doing breathing exercises, blood flow and heartbeat should be controlled.

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Since it is a very intense psychological problem, the patient must be seen by a specialist. Psychotherapy is applied to the patient by performing some tests. In the therapies aimed at reducing the attacks, the patient is usually taken out into the society and tried to be made to accept that everything and what they are experiencing are normal.

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