What is bilirubin and what should be the bilirubin level? High and low bilirubin…

Bilirubin, which comes out as a result of the urine test, is important for the functioning of the body. This substance in the liver allows blood cells to break down easily and is excreted from the body through digestion. However, if it is high or low, it can also be a harbinger of diseases. What is bilirubin and what should be the bilirubin level? We have searched for you, who are curious about Bilirubin substance.

The body needs some substances, minerals and vitamins to carry out its vital activities. One of them is bilirubin. This substance in the liver supports the breakdown of red blood cells. This substance, which is yellow in color, is excreted from the body through digestion after the process is finished. The bilirubin substance stored in the gallbladder gives color to the stool. A urinary tract test reveals the level of bilirubin. A low level of this substance may also be a sign of some diseases. According to the bilirubin results, bile, liver, anemia and neonatal diseases are detected. A negative complication in the liver or gallbladder affects the level of this substance. The liver and gallbladder are usually damaged due to malnutrition. As the level of bilirubin in the blood increases, it causes jaundice. Indirect bilirubin in the liver is converted into different substances for the functioning of cells. Indirect bilirubin is more solid than insoluble in the blood. However, direct bilirubin is broken down in water. When indirect bilirubin accumulates in the bile, it causes abdominal pain and constipation. That’s why experts recommend drinking plenty of water. It is beneficial for patients with liver and gallbladder damage to consume 3 liters of water daily.

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HOW MUCH SHOULD THE bilirubin level be?

Bilirubin levels vary with age and gender. This level is usually high, especially in women. The reason is that women are more likely to have blood diseases. In the urine test, the level of conjugated, that is, direct bilirubin, should be between 0.3 mg/dL. However, the level of Total bilirubin, which is broken down with the blood, can reach up to 1.9 ml/dL.

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High level of bilirubin in the blood causes skin problems. It also causes yellowing around the eyes. High bilirubin level is also a sign that the level of red blood cells is high. This paves the way for spleen enlargement, an increase in the number of mutated cells in the gallbladder, and inflammatory diseases. Bilirubin elevation, which usually causes urinary tract infections in women, manifests itself with symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting, changes in body temperature and abdominal pain. Urine is usually quite dark at high levels. During defecation, there is an excessive odor.

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LOW bilirubin

A low level of bilirubin does not cause serious problems like its high. But there may be a situation in the functioning of the liver. Some experts emphasize that low bilirubin may predispose to heart diseases because it affects the blood level. Excessive consumption of nicotine lowers bilirubin levels. In addition, vitamin C is not broken down sufficiently when bilirubin levels are low. In any case, it is useful to consult a specialist.

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