What is Aphasia that made Bruce Willis quit acting? What are the symptoms of aphasia?

Bruce Willis, who has been away from the screens for a while, announced that he has ended his acting career due to a speech disorder, namely aphasia, which occurs due to a damage to the brain.

The news that Bruce Willis, one of the famous names with the first corona after the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide, ended his career due to health problems upset his fans.

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It was officially announced by his family that Willis, who had been on the screens since 1985, showed his success in masterpieces such as Blue Moon, Die Hard and Immortal, that he had a disease that scientists defined as Aphasia, which emerged due to motor movements in the brain for a long time. Aphasia can cause serious problems ranging from speech impairment to memory loss.

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This was said to be the actor’s biggest handicap in memorizing lines and demonstrating his success. family statement “He will quit his acting career, which means a lot to him”placed the sentence.

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