What is angio? Why is angiography done to whom? Angio surgery?

It is the most used word in the angio search engine made to the patient after a sudden heart attack. Today, we have searched for you who are curious about the angiography performed on 2 out of 4 people after middle age. So what is Angio? Why is angiography done to whom? Angio surgery? How should those with angio be fed? You can find the answers to all these questions in the details of the news.

Intervention after health problems such as heart attack or vascular occlusion is called angio. Angio is the process of placing thin tubes inside the vessels. A serious health problem can be prevented by performing angiography after or before vascular occlusion. It is intervened in the groin, wrist or arm by entering through one of the arteries. One of the misconceptions about angiography is that it is referred to as surgery. However, angiography is a minor surgical operation. The suspicious vein is entered and a tube is placed here. The patient is discharged the next day. Angio is checked to see if there are any health problems in the brain as well as the vessels of the heart.

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Before angiography is performed, the patient usually consults a specialist with symptoms such as chest or left arm numbness. After that, the specialist checks the vessels from angiography. When a malfunction is detected in any blood flow in the arteries that feed the heart and brain, an application is made here. Thanks to angiography, the veins are opened. It is tried to restore the old order of blood flow. Specialists usually do angiography to people they see at risk of heart attack. Apart from this, it can be applied to people who have experienced or are about to experience vascular occlusion. However, once the externally intervened vein becomes lazy, experts say that the person should pay attention to his diet. Angiography is usually performed on people who consume foods containing excessive carbohydrates and trans fats, and people who consume alcohol or cigarettes. However, it is also made for those who have omega-3 deficiency and do not consume foods containing antioxidants in their diet. Angio is used to prevent sudden heart attack.

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Chest and left arm pain like having a heart attack

Irregularity in heartbeat in the echo test

People over 40 who will have surgery

Before surgery for people with chronic diseases

For those who have BY pass before

Irregular values ​​in blood tests invite angiography.

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People with angio need to consume foods that regulate blood flow and prevent vascular occlusion. Experts also say that people who have had angioedema should avoid caffeine and trans fats. The strongest foods in nature in terms of antioxidants are tomatoes, garlic and onions. That’s why experts emphasize that people with angina should include these nutrients in their diet. In addition, pomegranate prevents blood clotting. It also prevents the hardening of the veins. It also reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevents clogged arteries.

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