What is an intraoral wound and why does it occur? Natural way to heal mouth sores…

Oral ulcers, one of the most common health problems, almost reduce the quality of life of people. We have searched for you to get rid of oral wounds that cause eating and drinking difficulties naturally. It is dangerous for a long-lasting wound in the mouth caused by various diseases. So what is an intraoral wound and why does it happen? Natural way to heal mouth sores…

Open-ended inflamed wounds in the oral cavity and gums; It is called thrush or mouth ulcer. Mouth sores are seen due to vitamin C deficiency. Sores in the mouth of people; It interferes with activities such as eating, consuming hot drinks and brushing teeth. Oral ulcers, which negatively affect the quality of life, can be a harbinger of serious diseases as well as diseases. Oral wounds seen in 25 percent of the society, even if they go away after a while in some, they do not go away for a long time. Although the wound in the mouth is not seen as a serious disease, it causes some health problems if not treated in a timely manner.

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low immune system,

hormonal disorder,

Stomach acid coming to the mouth due to some reasons,

allergic weakness to foods

Damage caused by unconscious tooth brushing,

Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking

Intraoral sores, usually after occult fever,

In psychological disorders such as stress, depression and anxiety,

In times of hormonal changes such as menstrual period, puberty transitions, pregnancy and menopause,

In the deficiency of vitamins C and D,

After excessive consumption of acidic fruits and spices,

Insufficient cleaning

It occurs due to the side effects of some drugs.

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Herpetiform ulceration, This wound, which is popularly called herpes, occurs due to the herpes virus. These sores are not contagious. But it repeats very often.

small ulcers, These wounds appear after a latent fever and heal spontaneously over time. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that the wounds do not get microbes. Otherwise, the recovery time will be prolonged.

large ulcers,Sometimes these ulcers, which are formed by several wounds coming together, cause the person to suffer for days.

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Specialists usually give mouthwashes with antibiotic properties to oral wounds. However, you can get rid of these scars with methods you can do at home.

Salt water gargle is known as one of the effective methods for oral wounds. The mixture prepared by adding three teaspoons of salt to a tea glass of water should be applied 3 times a day.

Miswak is one of the natural methods of cleaning teeth and gums. Miswak is good for sores on the gums.

Add a spoonful of sumac to a glass of warm water and mix. Rinse your mouth with this mixture for 2 minutes. Sumac both reduces the infection in the wounds and cleans the viruses in the mouth. It is one of the natural ways that is effective in dental health.

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