What is an antibody test? What does low or high antibody mean? Who should get tested

One of the words that has been mentioned constantly since the emergence of the coronavirus is antibody and antibody testing. We have researched for you those who are curious about the antibody associated with the immune system. The antibody is important for the body’s fight against viruses. So what is the antibody test? What does low or high antibody mean? Who should get tested

The antibody known as immunoglobulin is a part of the immune system that is important for the body’s resistance. The protein substance, the antibody, is in the Y form. The increased antibody in the body is manifested at the blood level. The main task of the antibody in the body is to act against antigens, viruses, bacteria or other chemical substances that enter the body. By protecting the body, it ensures that these antigens are removed from the body without causing any harm. The antibody count appears during blood measurement. This is called both antibody testing and serology. The most common antibody tests are IgM, IgG and IgE.

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IgM is performed to detect the earliest stage of the antibody level. High IgM values ​​indicate that the person has recently experienced coronavirus or other viral diseases. On the other hand, IgM antibody is not protective. Instantly rises to deal with the virus. Since it rises and disappears rapidly, the body does not make it immune to the virus. However, if the IgG antibody rate is high in the test values, it also indicates that the body is fighting the virus and has a protective effect. The IgG level shows itself in the blood test after the virus has entered the body 14 times. It protects the body for about 6 or 1 years.

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If there is a serious low level of antibodies in the blood count, this is an indication of protein deficiency in the body. Also, the lower the antibody level, the more vulnerable the body is. The best possibility is that the immune system did not produce antibodies since no virus entered the body. In addition, the high level of antibodies indicates that the body has recently been fighting viruses or bacteria. It shows that the body creates a shield against viruses in the aftermath.

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It is recommended that people who have recently been exposed to the virus do it. Antibody testing is required for vaccines developed against the common coronavirus today. Because it is proof that people with high antibody tests have recently fought the virus naturally and gained immunity. They do not need to be revaccinated. Because it also increases the protein level of the mine to be injected with the vaccine. This can cause different results. The level of antibodies obtained by doing a blood test can also be determined by people who are wondering if they have survived the virus.


If the blood value is negative 0.9 in the test results, it indicates that there is no antibody production, that is, no virus is transmitted to the body. However, if it is 0.9 positive, it indicates that this antibody has been formed. If the value is high, it is proof that its protection is also high.

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