What is Alzheimer’s and what are its symptoms? Is there a cure for Alzheimer’s? Good foods…

Alzheimer’s disease, which is one of the diseases of advanced age, causes problems such as forgetfulness with the slow death of cells in the brain. We have researched for you what is curious about Alzheimer’s, which also causes conditions such as the gradual shrinking of the brain. So what is Alzheimer’s and what are its symptoms? Is there a cure for Alzheimer’s? Foods that are good… You can find everything about Alzheimer’s in the details of the news.

Cells in the brain are not renewed due to conditions such as vitamin deficiency. This leaves serious damage to the brain’s grasping, remembering and storage areas during daily life activities. This is exactly why Alzheimer’s occurs. Dementia is the beginning of the disease in which the brain’s ability to remember is completely lost. The disease was detected for the first time when elderly people often forget their past situations. Later, it continues with a deficiency in speech, hearing and motor movements. The deterioration of the tissue of the nerve cells of the brain reduces the quality of life of the person. Studies have not yet found a definitive cause of the disease. However, vitamin deficiency, deformation of nerve cells, mental disorders, genetic deficiencies, heart attack and high blood pressure are experienced with excessive blood load to the brain.

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The disease shows symptoms to be detected in the early period. The most common of these is memory loss. Apart from this;

forgetting the names of objects

mental disorders

Constantly repeating the questions asked

self talk

Symptoms such as difficulty making decisions are mild Alzheimer’s. However, in the middle and advanced ones;

Being constantly excited and nervous

Irregular sleep

Deceleration in motor movements

don’t get paranoid

Do not forget about personal needs

Increased weight due to unbalanced eating is also advanced symptoms.

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The disease, which is detected in the early period, can be controlled before it progresses. For this, certain medications and psychological support are provided. The functionality of the brain increases with drugs started at low doses. However, it is beneficial for both the professional support and the people around them to make the person feel good all the time. To reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s;

Consuming green plants and vegetables

writing or painting

dealing with sports

Going to places with lots of activity instead of home after retirement

Having regular checkups to reduce the risk of heart and high blood pressure

Alzheimer’s can be prevented by quitting bad habits.

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OMEGA-3 fatty acids, which play a major role in repairing damage to the nervous system, are one of the nutritional values ​​recommended to prevent Alzheimer’s. It is found in fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, as well as walnuts, almonds, flax seeds and olives.

Vegetables and fruits containing vitamins C and E reduce free radicals circulating in the body. At the same time, these foods that strengthen memory also prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s. Broccoli, strawberries, blueberries and kiwis are rich foods for these vitamins.

Cranberry, apple, grapefruit and pomegranate are rich in flavonoids. Flavonoid is one of the beneficial substances that helps in reducing the number of harmful cells in the body.

The turmeric and curcumin contained in the curry sauce are rich in antioxidant potential. Experts recommend using this sauce, which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, in meals.

Dark greens, which are strong in folic acid, B6 and B12, are very beneficial nutrients in strengthening weakened brain cells.

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