What is Alexa Chung’s Imposter syndrome? What are the symptoms of imposter syndrome?

British presenter and model Alexa Chung announced that she had Imposter Syndrome, one of the rarely seen psychological disorders, in a program she attended in the past months. Chung talked about the difficulties he experienced and the situations caused by the disease. So what is imposter syndrome? What are the symptoms & treatment! We have searched for you the unknown about the imposter syndrome, which is rarely seen in the world.

It was first discovered in the 1970s by psychologists Suzanne Imes and Pauline Rose Clance. Famous psychologists explain that people who are in high places usually get the disease. After hearing about the disease, most people ask the question whether I am experiencing it myself. Successful people believe that they did not come to where they are by their own success, but by chance. People who think that this is by chance believe that one day their lies will be exposed. This situation, which is exacerbated by stress and fear, causes attacks in the person. In this situation, which begins to appear suddenly, they keep themselves away from social environments. Because they think they are ignorant and inadequate, they prefer to live an isolated life. As they constantly feel dishonest, they also reduce their quality of life. This health problem seen in world stars can lead to suicide if not intervened in time. It is a more common problem in successful women than in men.

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The most common condition that causes discomfort in the researches is the subconscious of the person. Any trauma experienced in childhood can cause my imposter syndrome. The family’s constant expectation of success from him causes the child to begin to doubt his actions after a while. Experts say that the individual who does not accept his achievements begins to doubt his actions after a while. Despite achieving everything, he thinks that his success is due to external factors. This situation can also be experienced due to brain fatigue. While trying to prove himself in different subjects, excessive success causes the brain to lose consciousness.

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avoiding social situations

constantly questioning what they are doing

Constant nightmares due to subconscious

Beginning to question their success

Feeling confused about your feelings

If you are experiencing symptoms such as lack of skills and seeing himself as a fraud, it is useful to see a specialist.

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Presenter and model Alexa Chung, who marked the last London Fashion Week, announced in an interview that she was suffering from imposter disease. Chung, who exhibited his first collection, described his illness with these words:

“It’s not just a fashion thing, I feel it in everything I do. Writing for Vogue is a major cause of syndrome… Before I go live on TV, I’m like, ‘Am I equipped to do this?’ I think. It’s good to be aware of yourself because it allows you to be open to learning. If you’re egoistic and think you totally deserve where you are, you’re closed to growth and transformation.”

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Psychologists, who have done many studies on the syndrome, thought that the person should first realize that he or she has a health problem and go after it. Since being a perfectionist causes the disease to become widespread, it is recommended that the patient not seek perfection in what they do. At the same time, it is emphasized that they should believe in their success and stand behind them. Individual therapies can also be very effective in this regard.

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