What is albino disease? Is there a treatment?

Do you know why the albino disease, which is called fluidity disease among the people, is caused? So, is there a cure for albino disease? Here are the unknowns of the albino disease we researched for you…

Albino disease, which is an inherited disease, is found in the body; It is caused by the low amount of melanin that gives color to the skin, hair, eye membranes and some parts of the brain.

People with albinism have pink eye pupils, and many of these patients also have astigmatism, an eye condition. In addition to humans, this disease is also seen in animals.

This disease, inherited from parents, is more common in girls than boys. The fact that the parents have this disease does not mean that the disease will also occur in the children. However, the presence of this disease in any of the family members increases the probability of the child being born with the disease.

There are two types of albino diseases;

In partial albino disease Melanin is more active in one half of the body while it works slowly in the other half. For this reason, white spots or spots occur in some parts of the body. Or, one eye may be white while the other eye may be colored.

In complete albino disease Melanin does not produce any color. As a result of this situation, the body of people with full albino becomes completely white.

There are some conditions that albino patients should pay attention to. These can be listed as follows:

Sun rays affect albino patients twice as much as they affect a normal person. Since the skin of individuals with this disease is very sensitive, there is a high probability of redness and sunburn on their skin. In addition, the sun’s rays not only affect their skin, but also their eyes. That’s why experts say that albino patients should not go out in the sun without taking precautions.

Is there a cure for albino disease?

There is no definitive treatment for albino patients. However, scientific studies on partial albino patients are more promising.

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