What is Achilles syndrome (Hidden fear of failure)? Who gets Achilles syndrome?

We have searched for those who are curious about Achilles syndrome, which is the psychological disorder experienced by people who know everything but learn that most of what they know is wrong or false. In this syndrome, which is seen due to the past and environmental factors of the person, the most common attitude of the person is perfectionism. So what is Achilles syndrome (Hidden fear of failure)? Who gets Achilles syndrome?

A person with Achilles syndrome, which is known as the so-called competence syndrome among the people, usually tries to prove that he is successful in the environment he is in. The person who hides his flaws while trying to look perfect often resorts to false or false information. Underlying this psychological problem lies the fear of not being able to experience the pleasure of success. Fear always leads a person to error. This situation, which the person makes a habit after a while without realizing it, actually leads to his bad end. Even if there is no reaction from his environment, he experiences a mental breakdown. Among the psychological disorders, it is actually a health problem that is increasing day by day. Especially the increase of companies and the metropolitan life in a crowded environment cause the person to be sensitive to this quickly. By covering up his flaws, he reflects the person he is not.

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Achilles, one of the important heroes in ancient Greek mythology, was always believed to be invincible. However, according to the rumors, Achilles, who has an indestructible perfect personality, bathes in the river of immortality. His heel was always sticking out while his mother was washing him here. For this reason, it was thought that if he was hit in the heel, he would die. Even in the scientific literature, the tendons on the heel in human anatomy are called Achilles as it is read. Petruska Clarkson, an important scientist who studies the syndrome of people trying to look perfect in psychology, gave this syndrome this name.


Clarkson, who did research on Achilles syndrome, reminded that psychological problems arise in the family environment where personality is formed. It is seen in children who have been raised perfectly and are constantly asked to exhibit these attitudes. It is said that if the child trying to increase his success by pressure is not perfect after a while, he will not be anywhere in a successful society. In addition, in some school environments, teachers do not want to constantly impose responsibility on students and make mistakes during education. In such cases, it can cause the child to enter the syndrome. Especially in his professional life, the person reflects this to his work. A person who always sees himself as faultless does not accept his mistakes. In most of the cases, it has been determined that he is quickly excluded in social environments. While trying to cover up his mistakes in society, he takes his failures out from others. Today, Achilles syndrome is considered together with occupational burnout.

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– He is constantly in a panic and tries to speak loudly.

– Attempts to blame the mistakes on different people by ignoring the mistakes made. It is usually seen in seniors.

– When he feels that he is unsuccessful, introversion can also be seen.

– The syndrome brings with it personality disorder.

– Has difficulty distinguishing between right and wrong when speaking in public.

– Their speech is not precise.

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Clarkson says that the simplest way to get rid of this disease is to accept one’s illness. Realizing that weakness is a human condition, she is asked to be honest with herself by participating in collective therapies, as the lies or mistakes she resorts to drag her to different places. It is important to resolve the feeling of fear in this syndrome, which can be resolved with therapy rather than medication.

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