What is a wart and why does it happen? Are warts contagious? What are the natural cures for warts?

We have searched for you about warts, which are the most common skin diseases that occur in childhood and adolescence, as well as in adulthood. Warts that appear as small blisters on the skin surface are contagious. The virus that causes warts causes it to increase when it comes into contact with another person. So what causes warts? Are warts contagious? What are the natural cures for warts?

A benign tumor that arises in the upper layer of the skin is called a wart. A wart is an inconvenience that spoils the harmless aesthetic appearance most of the time. However, the only situation in which the wart is dangerous is its rapid proliferation and transmission. These viruses, which tend to spread, are mostly seen on the hands and feet. There are over 100 viruses that cause warts. These viruses, known as papillomaviruses, are also seen in the anal or genital areas. Warts, which appear as small swellings, disrupt the pH balance in the area where they come out. This prepares the ground for drying. Warts formed from childhood have a high recurrence rate as well as a high risk of transmission. Experts warn about this very seriously. Specialists warn about an urgent intervention, especially when it is in the hands, our organs with the most activity are the hands. The possibility of serious diseases increases during the contact of warty hands with the eyes. Many experts attribute the cause of the appearance of warts, which are referred to as skin infections, to the immune system. Viruses are actively prevalent in people with weakened immune systems. The two types of warts are experienced for different reasons. These are not contagious. One is the molluscum kanagiosum poxvirus, which is called the potbelly. The other is viruses with seborrheic agents.

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ARE warts contagious?

Warts, which are the most effective in transmission, are transmitted from person to person, as well as to different places on the person’s body, directly or indirectly. Therefore, the belongings of people with warts should never be used. In addition, the person with warts should avoid contact with other parts of his body. The virus shows its effects in about four weeks after it enters the body. Items such as towels, slippers, spoons, forks and glasses of people with warts should not be used unless they are washed at high temperatures. In addition, the baths, pools and sports areas are also at risk of contamination by warts.

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The type of wart seen all over the body is verruca vulgaris. However, it is most common in the hands and feet. This type of wart, which settles on the edges of the nails and recurs constantly, causes nail loss. It does not cause itching or pain.

Verruca filiformis, which has a special shape, resembles long threads. It is especially seen in advanced age. It is present on the eyelids, lip corners and nose. It becomes irritated during washing and drying.

The type of wart that is commonly transmitted in common areas is called verruca plantaris. These warts are painful and infected. Acidic drugs are used in its treatment.

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Since it is a visible disease, the specialist doctor makes the diagnosis immediately. However, experts need the test for warts formed in different sizes. After the effectiveness of the virus is detected, treatment is started. Tissue is taken from the warts and tested. Treatment is applied according to the type. It is kept away from factors that will negatively affect cosmetics and similar warts. It is beneficial to clean warts under expert control. Otherwise, those with sensitive skin, for example; Treatment methods differ for atopic dermatitis or skin that tends to form sebaceous glands. While the virus is being treated, it is tried to prevent damage to the skin surface.

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Garlic, which has antibacterial properties, is effective in treating warts. Crush 2 cloves of garlic and leave it on the wart for 10 minutes. You can do this application 5 times a day.

Fill a bowl with hot water and put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in it and soak your hands or feet in this water for half an hour. Then rinse with hot water without burning yourself. It is useful to do this application twice a day.

The solvents in castor oil are effective in removing warts. Mix castor oil and yeast powder. Apply the paste-like mixture to the warts and wash off with hot water after an hour.

Blend 3 carrots in a blender. And rub it on the warts.

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