What is a TSH test? What are the symptoms of TSH? What does high and low TSH mean?

TSH, the thyroid stimulating hormone, stimulates the thyroid gland to produce hormones. However, for some reason, it is secreted either too high or too little. After that, serious health problems arise. As a result of the blood test, the production amount of TSH is determined. What is a TSH test? What are the symptoms of TSH? What does high and low TSH mean?

Thyroid stimulating hormone, which has a peptide structure, stimulates the thyroid glands to produce hormones. This cell structure, abbreviated as TSH, reaches the thyroid via the blood. It stimulates the thyroid glands thanks to the nerve cells. The natural remedy that ensures the healthiest functioning of the thyroid glands is iodine salt. After iodine salt is taken into the body, it mixes with the blood by being absorbed in the intestines. From here, it reaches the thyroid glands together with TSH. High or low TSH, which enables the thyroid glands to produce hormones, is revealed in the blood test. TSH level, which changes continuously during the day, increases close to sleep and decreases towards noon. In women, it often changes due to the menstrual cycle.

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The amount of values ​​accepted as normal in the blood test; 0.35-4.5 mU/ml

4.5 mU/ml, 2.5 mU/ml in those with a mean age of 17-30 years

This level rate increases with age.


Overworking of the thyroid gland means a low amount of TSH. This leads to hyperthyroidism. Hormone level increases due to low level of balance. It is accompanied by health problems such as increased appetite, increased heart rate and irritability. In addition, sweating, trembling and sweating of the hands and feet are seen. As the thyroid gland enlarges, muscle strength decreases. As TSH decreases, the thyroid hormone increases in Graves’ disease, thyroid nodules (on the side of the throat or behind the ears), and when the body consumes excessive amounts of iodine, the need for salt increases. Diseases seen after low TSH cause weakening of immunity.

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The underlying cause of the low TSH amount is investigated. In this case, both medication and surgical operations may be required. The overgrowth of the thyroid gland can also cause serious damage to other surrounding organs. In particular, the vocal cords are suppressed. This can even lead to loss of speech. Usually specialists take the growing glands.


High is the opposite of low. This time, hormonal decline and a decrease in the functions of the glands occur. High TSH causes visible disorders in the body. Health problems such as excessive weight gain, hair growth, depression and poor memory are experienced. In addition, the menstrual cycle of a woman with a high TSH ratio is also disrupted. In addition, the rate of catching diseases due to viruses increases. It negatively affects the system of metabolism.

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People with over 10 mU/mL must be treated. Since the signs and symptoms are visible, it is diagnosed and treated immediately. In the diseases seen due to height, the treatment is started together with it. Especially experts recommend not to consume carbohydrate foods in this process. Hormone levels are increased with drug supplements.

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