What is a toxin? How does the toxin accumulate? The mixture that cleans the toxins in the intestines in 72 hours

Toxin accumulation, which is one of the most common health problems today, invites diseases when it is not excreted in the body. These harmful toxins cause cell damage. Toxins that negatively affect the functionality of the organs must be removed from the body as soon as possible. What is a toxin? How does the toxin accumulate? The mixture that cleans the toxins in the intestines in 72 hours

The number of harmful toxins in the intestines increases for various reasons. In the future, these toxins cause damage to the intestines. It also occurs in diseases that cause painful processes such as sand and stone. Experts offer some suggestions that will allow you to easily remove these harmful toxins from your body without using drugs. The toxin enters the body with nutrition and deforms the body over time. So it needs to be cleaned.

The toxin, which creates negative effects in almost every part of the body, especially affects the intestinal flora. The toxin that causes the formation of stones and sand also causes digestive problems. In addition to these, it increases in mental illnesses such as depression, fatigue and stress. Anti-bacterial rich foods such as garlic, parsley, onion and orange should be consumed regularly to clean the accumulated toxins daily.


Unhealthy diet is at the beginning of the accumulation of toxins in the body. However, environmental factors, especially stress and intense working environments, also cause toxin accumulation in the body. Toxins increase due to unhealthy foods taken and the body produces it on its own. For example, due to the sweat glands not working properly or because of the intestines, the toxins here mix into the blood.

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toxins accumulate in the body mostly in the intestines


One of the most natural ways to remove toxins is to consume plenty of water. Consuming plenty of water ensures the activation of the cells in the body. An actuated blood flow or fluid rate causes urination to flush out toxins from the body. It is accepted by experts that people who urinate excessively are healthy. In addition, ready-made foods keep toxins in the body, while vegetable-based foods prevent the accumulation of toxins. Especially green vegetables provide easy toxin removal from the body. Not only is it enough to pay attention to nutrition for the movement of metabolism during the day, but it also helps to remove toxins while doing sports.

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toxin accumulating in the intestines causes digestive problems


Half a cup of apple cider vinegar

Half a teaspoon of lemon juice

A tablespoon of ginger

a teaspoon of sea salt

A glass of drinking water


Boil drinking water with sea salt for 5 minutes. Then add the remaining ingredients. Consume after lukewarm. It is recommended to drink on an empty stomach before breakfast.

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