What is a throat ulcer? What causes throat ulcer and what is good for throat ulcer?

Ulcer is a disease that occurs not only in the stomach, but also in the throat, esophagus and vocal cords. Throat ulcer, which occurs due to many factors, causes serious problems if not treated on time. So what is a throat ulcer, what causes it and what is good for a throat ulcer? We investigated all these unknowns for you.

Throat ulcers, which are triggered more by bacterial infections, make it difficult to eat. This disease, which negatively affects speech, increases in severity especially in bad weather conditions. This disease, which develops due to environmental factors, has an infectious effect, albeit rarely. Diseases in this condition usually receive inpatient treatment because both the condition is more triggered and it can spread. This disease, which is not advanced, is easily treated. But a serious throat ulcer negatively affects the quality of life and health.


Yeast infections and strong viruses resembling this infection in the throat

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments used in cancer treatment affect immunity.

Viruses that cause mouth, hand, and foot infections

The virus that causes Behçet’s syndrome, which is seen in the mouth, eyes and large joints


Difficulty swallowing, speaking and chewing

– Swollen appearance of the throat on the outer surface

Dry and painful cough

severe pain in the chest

Inability to perform the stretching activity as well as forcing in breathing

Sudden changes in body temperature

severe stomach pain and nausea

Frequent coughing and the urge to clear the throat

Depersonalization of taste

It manifests itself with symptoms such as earache.

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Depending on the severity and degree, the treatment method also varies. Usually, experts tell a person to change their daily eating habits. Related to this;

It emphasizes the need to avoid spicy foods and smoking.

Useful foods such as mashed potatoes, cheese and yoghurt should be consumed. In addition, hard foods such as hazelnuts, walnuts and chips should not be consumed.

Gargles with salt or sumac water should be made until the ulcer subsides.

The throat should be relieved by consuming almost everything consumed in the form of a little more than medium heat.

Fatty and high-carbohydrate foods should not be consumed at night.

Being overweight should be avoided.

The living environment should be constantly disinfected and masks should be used.

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