What is a sedimentation test? Who and how is the sedimentation test done?

The sedimentation test is performed on people who have a high level of inflammation in their body. We have searched for you who are curious about this test, which is done to investigate the disorders experienced due to the decrease in the number of red blood cells and the increase in the number of different cells in the blood. So what is the sedimentation test? The height of the sedimentation test is also a sign of different health problems.

Experts do some research to analyze diseases in a healthier way. The most common of these is the blood test. Blood tests often reveal complications that occur in the body. However, there are many types of blood tests. The sedimentation test is one of them. The blood sample from the ESR, also known as the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, is separated in the laboratory environment. Here, the rates of inflammation in the analyzed blood are checked. If the sedimentation rate is high, it indicates that an inflammatory virus may be present in the body. Sedimentation means collapse in scientific literature. In science, the explanation is that blood cells decrease and inflammatory virus rates increase. Sedimentation test is also done to diagnose cancer and diseases related to the immune system. The collapse is determined according to the disease. Normally, the sedimentation rate is 8 for women and 5 for men. In terms of height, it is 20 for women and 15 for men. Pregnant women are more likely to collapse.

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The sedimentation test is usually done after extreme head, neck, shoulder and hip pain. In addition, sudden weight loss and joint stiffness can also increase the rate of inflammation in the body. For the diagnosis of such diseases, sedimentation test is performed. When the sedimentation test is high, the protein values ​​also decrease. This leads to fatigue.

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Viruses, bacteria or fungi that enter the body through air or food, disrupt the structures of cells in the tissues of organs. This increases the rate of inflammation in the blood and causes the blood to collapse. Lymphoma diseases and blood poisoning during pregnancy can also lead to sedimentation. In addition, high sedimentation can cause skin diseases. The high level of inflammation in the blood paves the way for damage to the dermis layer.

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Sedimentation test is performed before the treatment of anemia, Mediterranean fever, celiac, Mediterranean cancer, sinusitis, asthma and tuberculosis diseases. The blood taken from the patient is tested. If the bottom of the tube is filled with a dark colored precipitate quickly after the blood test, this indicates high sedimentation values. If not treated on time, it causes an increase in cancerous diseases. In addition, the diseases mentioned above are also symptoms of high sedimentation level.

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