What is a probiotic and what does it do? What foods are probiotics found in?

Probiotics, one of the most effective substances in the body’s fight against infection, are therefore indispensable for the immune system. Probiotics, which experts often recommend to be taken as additional supplements, are also necessary for the healthy functioning of the digestive system. So what is a probiotic and what does it do? In which foods are probiotics found? Curiosities are in the details of the news:

Probiotics, which are micro-organisms, are effective for body health. Probiotics are classified as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacterium. These organisms found in food regulate the digestive system. It is especially effective in the functional performance of the intestines. These living microorganisms are also found in yoghurt, yeast and soy yoghurt. Probiotics recommended by experts can cause side effects when consumed in the body of some people. These living organisms, which are needed by the nutrients taken into the body during the enzymatic process, also increase the body’s resistance against infections. It has been determined that there are more than 2,000 types of these bacteria in the skin and digestive system of the human body. In nature, probiotics are found in yeast and are taken orally. People often mix prebiotics and probiotics. However, these two types of bacteria are also quite different.

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Probiotics, which are beneficial for the healthy functioning of the intestines, balance the bacteria ratio here. After the consumed foods decompose in the stomach, they go down to the intestines. Here, they are enzymed according to the places where they will benefit the body. Some substances enter the blood and some settle in the cells. When the proportion of probiotics decreases in the body, an imbalance occurs in the intestinal flora. This prevents the passage of necessary vitamins and minerals into the body. It causes diarrhea or constipation. Probiotics also prevent allergies and eczema diseases. For example, probiotics are indispensable for the enzymatic of calcium, magnesium and iron substances. Probiotics also prevent the development of many diseases. It supports the healthy functioning of hormones. In addition to digestion, it indirectly benefits the muscle and bone system, reducing the risk of pain due to infection. It does not allow the body to accumulate edema or inflammation. Regional weight loss is caused by the lack of probiotics.

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The most probiotics found in yoghurt are also found in kefir and buttermilk. Therefore, experts generally recommend consuming these foods for those who have intestinal and digestive problems. At the same time, these live bacteria are found in cheddar, mozzarella and gouda cheese varieties. In these foods, where lactic acid bacteria are abundant, it allows the nutrients to be easily broken down. Experts recommend the consumption of home yogurt, especially for people with iron deficiency.

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