What is a pituitary tumor? What are the symptoms of a pituitary tumor? Is there a cure for pituitary tumor?

The last day, the singer Tuğba Özerk was constantly staggering while performing, which first brought to mind the problem that she might be drunk. However, Özerk explained that sometimes such situations occur in his body, since he has a pituitary tumor. What came to mind was the Pituitary tumor that Autonomous lived through. We have compiled a pituitary tumor, which is not a serious disease but affects hormones, for you. What is a pituitary tumor?

Pituitary adenomas, that is, tumors of the pituitary gland, are definitely present in almost 1 in 5 people. However, since it is in the benign category, it sometimes does not cause any lifelong symptoms or damage. It is most common between the ages of 20 and 40. Compared to women, this disorder occurs at a younger age in men. Pituitary tumors that form intracranial tumors occur with an unbalanced increase in hormones. It also causes more disruption of hormones. Uncontrolled growth of hormone cells leads to tumors. The pituitary gland is almost the size of a chickpea and hazelnut in the brain. It is an organ responsible for hormone secretion. The pituitary also gives commands to hormones that will secrete other hormones.

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the pituitary gland is located inside the head


Adenoma is a tumor formed by unbalanced proliferation of hormone cells. The cause of the disorder in these glands has not yet been fully determined. Most experts underline that this may be due to a genetic disorder in the family history.

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pituitary gland leads to imbalance in body movements


  • Uncontrollable body movements
  • attention disorder
  • Decreased vision and inability to select the visible area
  • Constantly closing the eyelids
  • Double vision of the point of view
  • Dizziness due to severe headache
  • Getting tired very quickly and mood swings such as sluggishness
  • Body malaise, even after sleep
  • Lack of attention while talking
  • Irregularity in menstruation and disproportion in blood flow in women
  • Regional and unbalanced weight gain in the body
  • increased urination

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when the pituitary gland overworks it causes a tumor


This disease can usually be treated with medication. In addition, if the tumor is in the period of excessive damage, the tumor is removed by endoscopic surgery. If it has caused Cushing’s disease, if it has caused unnecessary swelling and edema in the body, cortisone regulation should be done urgently. In addition, the tumor is removed and the functioning of the pituitary gland is ensured.

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