What is a pinworm? What are the symptoms of pinworm and is there any treatment?

Do you know what pinworms appear in the intestines for various reasons? It is manifested by rectal itching or sometimes visible during defecation. You can find everything you wonder about pinworm, which reduces the patient’s quality of life, in the details of the news. So what is a pinworm? What are the symptoms of pinworm and is there any treatment? The answers to all these questions are in the details of the news…

Pinworms, known in science as enterbius vermicularis, are harmful parasites that live in the intestines. This disease occurs in children as well as adults. Pinworm is a contagious disease. The females of these parasites that settle in the intestines leave the intestine through the anus and lay their eggs in the mouth area of ​​the anus. These eggs cause itching over time. When a person with pinworm disease scratches his anus, the eggs settle between the nails. In addition, pinworm eggs can live in the external environment for a long time. When people who come into contact with the eggs put their hands in their mouths without cleaning, pinworm infection occurs in the person. Sharing items with people with pinworms increases the risk of infection. In addition, the transmission rate of these parasites is higher in collective places such as nests, nurseries and dormitories.

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Itching of the breech area at night until it bleeds and visible worms in the stool

Rapid weight loss despite a high appetite

drooling from the mouth while sleeping

Weakening of resistance due to pinworms consuming the nutrients entering the body without the body enzymatic

Fatigue, weakness and headache

Sleeping disorder

Nose itchy and teeth grinding

Experiencing hard and cramping abdominal pain

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– Pinworm infection; Itching of the breech at night and constantly itchy areas cause insomnia, as well as bad smelling gas, bloating in the abdomen, nausea and intestinal pains. In addition, psychological conditions such as nervousness, tension and moodiness may occur due to pinworm disease.

– Contagion; Pinworms can pass from person to person. This is usually experienced with the shared use of personal belongings. 3 out of 5 people in the world have pinworms. The most common areas are public toilets.

– Urinary tract infection; pinworms pave the way for some diseases. The first of these is urinary tract infection. In the worst case, it can even cause cancer with pinworms settling in the bladder.

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A cellophane tape test is performed for pinworms that can be seen with the naked eye. After this tape test, the specialist doctor applies tests such as ultrasound to see if there is a possibility of transfer to the intestines or any other organ. Pinworms detected are a disease that can be cured with medication. Common areas should be avoided during the illness. The breech area should be cleaned constantly with hot and soapy water, and underwear should be worn by ironing.

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Put a tablespoon of thyme in half a liter of hot water. Strain the thyme 10 minutes after brewing and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. By consuming this tea during the day, you can get rid of pinworms in a short time.

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Soak an onion in half a pitcher of water overnight. Consume this juice three times a day. Onion is the strongest antibiotic found in nature. It is effective in removing all toxins, bacteria and viruses in the body in a short time.

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You can get rid of pinworms in a short time by either extracting the juice of grapefruit, which is the strongest antibiotic, or peeling and consuming its skins.

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It is one of the effective plants in eliminating pinworms. Thanks to the santonin, thujone and isothujone substances it contains, it removes pinworms from the body. Add wormwood to a glass of hot water, strain and consume after brewing.

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