What is a panic attack and what are its symptoms? Is there a cure for panic attack?

Do you know why a panic attack, confused with a heart rhythm disorder, occurs? We searched for the questions about panic attack, which confronts with the fear of death. So what is a panic attack and what are its symptoms? Is there a cure for panic attack? You can find everything about panic attack in the detail of the news.

A panic attack is a crisis experienced when a person has suffered a severe anxiety trauma. Panic attack, which is seen in almost one in four people today, is a psychological disorder. A panic attack, which is an unexpected and recurrent disease, is experienced as an intense seizure. Although no body-related problems are observed in the researches, the mental distress that the person experiences accelerates the blood flow, which continues with the rapid blood pumping of the heart. Although this disease does not seem to have a negative side, it is possible to commit suicide because there is a compression that harms the body and the person thinks that he will not be able to get rid of the disease immediately. The process of going through a crisis takes about 30 minutes.

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  • A psychological trauma experienced by the person,
  • Fear of loneliness after abandonment
  • Someone who has lost a close person,
  • In those with low blood rate,
  • Increasing the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and noradrenaline by nerve cells in the brain,
  • Fear of the future also appears periodically in people who are preparing for the exam.

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Severe tightness and pain from the armpit to the middle of the chest,

Sweating, increased numbness with the continuous operation of sweat glands,

Dizziness due to headache as a result of nerve cells in the brain compressing the vessels and not getting enough oxygen in the body,

Feeling cold and trembling as a result of unbalanced production of hormones in the body,

Feeling that the people around him have changed and the anxiety process increases,

Feeling like dying increases.

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Since it is not a physical condition, psychotherapy support and medication should be applied together. Drug treatment applied to regulate the brain nerves lasts at least 2 years. After that, the specialist doctor recommends continuous exercise. The reason for this is that it should be done so that the body can receive oxygen comfortably. Breathing practice is especially important in this regard. Since people with panic attacks feel that they will experience the crisis beforehand, they need to take a deep breath every 10 counts. Heavy odors such as onions and cologne should never be smelled to the person who has a panic attack. This raises the nerve cells even more. At the same time, it is beneficial to consume foods such as yogurt, pineapple, carrots, dark chocolate, tomatoes and bananas constantly.

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