What is a neem tree? What are the benefits of neem tree? Uses and harm of neem tree

The neem tree, known as the “Indian lilac” among the people, has benefits for many diseases, from the leaf to the seed of the flower. We have researched the benefits of neem tree and which diseases it is good for. So what is a Neem tree? The neem tree, which is the beauty secret of women, is the raw material of cosmetic factories. The neem tree in Turkey is the False Rosary tree.

Thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, analgesic, anti-pyretic, antiseptic, blood purifying and germicidal properties, The eem tree has been used in alternative medicine for centuries. The neem tree, which is called the village pharmacy, especially in India, grows up to about 16 meters. The tropical neem tree bears fruit. It provides healing from tree leaves to fruit. The oil obtained from its woody body is especially good for deformation problems on the skin surface. It is one of the rare trees whose leaves and fruit can be eaten. It has been used in alternative medicine for toothaches rather than the skin. It cleans the tooth surface. It reduces intraoral infection. It lightens the dark spots on the skin surface. When consumed as a tea, it quickly renews the cells in the body. Therefore, it is seen as a miracle tree that delays aging.

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Neem leaf is used to treat dandruff. At the same time, it protects the vitality of the scalp by purifying it from dead cells. It also reduces the risk of ailments such as itching and redness that may occur on the scalp.

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The neem oil obtained from the tree also has healing properties for skin diseases. Its oil is rich in antioxidants; In addition to healing eczema and psoriasis, it also prevents infection of burns, wounds and cuts on the skin. It delays aging by increasing the number of young cells of the skin.

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Another area of ​​use is oral and dental health. The neem plant, which is especially effective in gum problems, reduces the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. When the leaf is chewed after meals, it both protects the health of the mouth and teeth and prevents bad breath by giving freshness.

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Tea made from the neem plant removes harmful toxins from the blood when consumed in a glass a day. It also facilitates digestion and reduces the risks of stomach and intestinal diseases. If you mix half a teaspoon of neem powder with honey and consume it every day, you will provide the amount of oxygen the body needs.

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Neem is also used as a natural treatment method for joint pain, which is one of the health problems experienced by almost everyone. It relieves swelling of edemas that have occurred, especially by reducing inflammation in the joints. You can also apply neem oil by massaging the areas where you have joint pain.

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In the researches, the flower extracts of the neem tree prevent cancer cells that are likely to form in the body. It is especially effective in uterine and prostate cancers. It also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

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