What is a mummy stone? What are the benefits of mummy? How is Mummy used?

Mummy, which solidifies when it sees cold, but is normally sticky and liquid like tar, is found in the Himalayan mountains. According to some researchers, mummy, which is said to be of plant origin, has been used in alternative medicine in Far East countries for centuries. So what is the Mummy stone? What are the benefits of mummy? How is Mummy used? You can find the details of the news about the mummy, which is good for digestion.

Mumiyo substance, which has a history of 3 thousand years, has been used in herbal medicine in many countries from the Far East to the Middle East. This substance, which is found in the high parts of the mountains and in the caves, is a dark brown and black sediment. It occurs when the plants in the mountains undergo natural formations and harden over time. This substance, which contains vitamins and minerals found in soil, stones and rain, is good for many diseases. It has been widely used in the treatment of bone, joint, rheumatism and dental diseases in ancient times. Today, toothpaste and cream are made from this substance. It contains more than 85 minerals, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and P. It also contains elements such as cobalt, copper, nickel, iron, zinc, manganese, chromium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, cadmium, bismuth, molybdenum.

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Because it contains calcium, it regenerates the tissues of the damaged bone. It especially helps broken bones to burn faster. Eliminates ailments such as osteoporosis.

This substance, which has a strong immune-renewing effect, also protects the health of brain functions and is good for mental diseases such as stress, forgetfulness, depression, as well as disorders such as attention deficit. It has an antimicrobial effect because it contains silver.

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By activating the damaged cells of the metabolism, it provides faster healing of the lesions in the body.

In particular, it supports skin health by preventing the toxinization of the liver. Mumiyo, which is rich in nicol, ensures that the fat metabolism works quickly and balances the hormones. It gives support to the cells that need to be synthesized.

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It helps to heal burns, irritations and scars quickly. Miracle stone containing glutamic acid increases the regeneration rate of cells. Increases DNA synthesis of deformed regions. It also helps the tissue to grow healthier by increasing its protein.

It protects oral health by eliminating diseases such as yellowing of the teeth and tooth infections. In addition to being thrown into warm water and used as a mouthwash, it also whitens the tooth surface without scratching it with the help of a toothbrush. It removes bad breath.

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Studies have shown that it also prevents the formation of cancerous cells as it strengthens immunity. Mumiyo, which is rich in iron, which is beneficial in increasing blood cells, increases low blood levels. In addition, it accelerates the absorption of iron in the body and allows it to be added to the blood without excreting it.

In recent years, the mask obtained from this substance prevents aging by renewing the skin. It increases the functions of skin cells and prevents the occurrence of disorders such as wrinkles and acne.

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