What is a meteorite? Is meteorite useful? The cure for cancer came from outer space!

In a study conducted in China, he explained that iridium elements brought by meteorites that came from space and fell to earth by exceeding the atmosphere were effective in destroying cancerous cells as well as killing dinosaurs. As a result of the research, drugs are obtained from these stones and the effects of chemotherapy are reduced. These meteorites are composed of carbon, magnesium, and oxygen. So what is Meteorite? Is meteorite useful? Here are their answers:

A meteorite or meteorite falls to Earth from space, passing through the atmosphere. It is called a meteorite because it has a thick stone appearance. As large stones are broken into small pieces by pressure, friction and heat exchange as they pass through the atmosphere, they do not have much impact on the world. However, since some parts are strong, they are not affected by this situation and fall to the world. Every year, at some times, a natural phenomenon called meteorite rain can be observed. The most common meteor shower is called Perseid. Meteorites; other planets are fragments from the comet and moon. The largest meteorite that fell to the earth was in Namibia in 1920. This meteorite weighs about 54,000 kg. Stones contain thermal substances. Thanks to these features, it has been the subject of scientific research. Scientists have detected substances such as calcium, magnesium, iron and nickel in the contents of the stones. Scientists, who think that they will contribute to health thanks to the substances they contain, have continued to work especially on cancer diseases.

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As a result of the deformation of healthy cells in the body due to certain effects, their DNA changes. The changed cells now become serious tumors that pose a danger to the body. Buddha prepares the ground for cancer diseases. Especially in the global age, it has increased with unhealthy diet and cancer diseases caused by GMO foods. Experts resort to various ways to prevent this issue. Chinese researchers at the University of Warwick have come across a miracle that destroys cancerous cells. It has been revealed that the meteorites, which killed the dinosaurs that lived before the life of human beings, actually had a great benefit to humanity. The iridium component found in meteorites detects and destroys cancerous cells with radiation therapy. In addition, these cells do not harm healthy cells. The iridium component, which is rarely found in the world, is quite abundant in meteorites. Although research on this expensive element is still fresh, experts emphasize that there will be hope for cancer patients.

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There are more than 60,000 meteorites that have passed through the earth’s atmosphere and came to earth. Scientists have classified these stones according to the substances they contain. In three classes; stony, iron and stony iron. However, they also have subcategories.


Stone meteorites containing silicate also contain metal, nickel and iron; called chondrites and achondrites. chondrites; It is formed when asteroids in the solar system come together as particles. These stones occur by origin, age, and composition of the solar system. In the researches, these components were determined in the meteorite that fell in Tanzania in 1938. In addition, this feature was found in another Allende meteorite that fell to Earth. During the process, the stones have diamond properties. Astronomers thought that these stones may be older than the solar system. achondrites; These stone types do not contain sand like chondrites. It constitutes 3 percent of meteorites in total.

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Composed of iron and nickel, these meteorites are the largest ever discovered. It contains many painful minerals. These stones are still being researched by scientists.

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These stones contain silicon, oxygen, iron and nickel. The stones also contain pallasites, olivine crystals. These stones are found in different parts of the world, large and small.

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The most meteorites on Earth are found in Antarctica. Stones are visible on this continent covered with glaciers.

NASA’s research has revealed that the stones mostly come from Mars and the Moon.

In 1992, a meteorite fell into a huge trunk in New York.

Meteorites falling to Earth are sold illegally in South Africa.

In some studies, it has been determined that this phosphorus substance, which contains phosphorus in the water on earth, mixes with the water from the stones coming from space.

It is said that there are meteorites in the medals made at the 2014 Olympics.

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