What is a Hürymez apple? What are the benefits of free apple?

One of the winter apple varieties, Hüryemez apple is produced organically. One of the fruits that are grown without drugs, the free apple is very useful for diabetics. Because it contains natural sugar. It also has a sour taste thanks to the substance in it. What is a Hürymez apple? What are the benefits of Hürymez apple?

It is grown by the local people, unique to Kastamonu lands. The skin color is green and yellow, often turning pink as it matures. The meat part is more crispy than normal apples. Since it is extremely juicy, a slice of watermelon can provide the liquid rate that the body provides. The taste of the ripe apples, whose seeds are ripe, is sour. Sometimes it gets very sour. However, it is an indispensable taste for diabetics. The natural sugar in it balances insulin resistance in the blood. Known as the winter fruit, the free apple is referred to as sour apple or wild apple in different cities. Normally sour apples are lush. But even this apple yellow color has sourness. It grows in places with abundant rainfall. Therefore, it can be found almost everywhere in the Black Sea. It contains high fiber content.

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Hüryemez Apple Kastamonu is also famous


  • One of the substances that provide benefits for body health is fiber. Fiber makes digestion work healthier. In particular, it regulates the intestines. As bowel functions are regulated, the risk of gaining weight decreases.
  • It contains plenty of minerals to increase blood oxygen. Freezing apple, which contains potassium, magnesium, copper and zinc, provides this benefit easily.
  • It is among the ideal foods for those who do sports and want to lose weight. Because it contains zero fat in its content.
  • Rich in antioxidants that regenerate cells, free-range apples are especially beneficial for hair and skin. It supports the rapid regeneration of cells in the skin, thus maintaining a brighter and elastic structure.
  • By balancing the insulin resistance in the blood, it prevents it from falling or rising. It both provides benefits for diabetics and gives the body the energy it needs.
  • Since it is rich in vitamin C, it increases the body’s resistance against diseases. It strengthens immunity.

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