What is a hernia? How many types of hernias are there? Will the hernia go away without surgery?

Hernia is one of the most common diseases. It can be seen in various parts of the body physically, reducing the quality of life. Hernia progressing insidiously damages the nervous system the most. Therefore, early intervention is very important. Thanks to the developing technology in recent years, some of the hernia types can be reduced by non-surgical procedures. What is a hernia? How many types of hernias are there? Will the hernia go away without surgery?

Hernia, which occurs due to many factors, is a disease that negatively affects the quality of life. The most important factor to be aware of in this disease, which is easily treated with the developing technology, is early treatment. Because advanced hernia disease can cause serious skeletal diseases. Hernia occurs when nerve vessels or any organ slide towards that area by making use of two muscle tissues. This disease, which is seen in 5 percent of the general population, is common in various parts of the body such as stomach, inguinal, waist, neck and umbilical hernia. Kiss. Dr. Fatih Kırar explained that the treatment with laser beams almost came to an end for hernia and spine diseases.


  • The most dangerous among them are neck and lumbar hernia. Lumbar hernia affects the elastic substance of the discs in the spinal cord and deforms it up to the leg nerves. This in turn reduces normal body movements.
  • Herniated disc, which usually manifests itself with severe leg pain, is relieved by drug therapy unless it is advanced. However, the hernia, which is at a level that prevents walking and mobility, is tried to be corrected by surgery.
  • The onset of neck hernia occurs as a result of long-term restricted neck movements. This hernia is usually seen in desk workers. It causes severe headache and dizziness.
  • Gastric hernia is one of the uncommon but insidious diseases. This discomfort shows similar features with reflux symptoms. One of the most important factors triggering the discomfort is excessive weight gain and loss. Since the relapse rate is high, a person suffering from this condition receives lifelong treatment as a chronic condition.

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It starts to swell up between two hard structures.


  1. Doctors support weak muscle tissues with some drugs to strengthen them. In addition, dietary habits should be changed and foods rich in calcium magnesium, which strengthen muscles and bones, should be consumed.
  2. The organ that goes into the cavity should be replaced with physical therapy without forcing the hernia. Nerve vessels become more sensitive in this process. To prevent this situation, specialists stabilize the pressure in the veins.
  3. Studies have shown that regular walking every day prevents herniated disc. Experts emphasize that the body needs regular nutrition and sports for strong muscles.

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the shape of the hernia


Boil 10 grams of horsetail herb in a glass of water for 5 minutes. Massage the warm water from the neck to the coccyx with the help of someone. On the other day, apply the juniper oil to the hernia area by massaging it with slow movements.

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