What is a guava fruit? How to eat guava fruit and what are its benefits?

The guava fruit, which is not known to many but is a complete vitamin store, has started to become popular in recent years. The homeland of this fruit, which attracts attention with its pleasant smell, is West America and India. It is effective against viruses that cause upper respiratory tract. It has been produced in our country for 5 years. We have researched everything about the guava fruit for you. So what is guava and what are its benefits?

Miraculous fruit guava spread from Asian countries to the world; It is a source of nutrients that helps the body in many ways from eye health to weight loss. It can be stored and consumed for many years without being exposed to any chemical treatment. In the scientific literature it is Psidium. Psidium means pomegranate in Latin. There are about 100 species of guava. It contains high amounts of vitamins A and C. In addition, it is rich in folic acid, potassium, manganese and copper minerals. There are two types of guava. Apples and strawberries are referred to as guavana. The green one is called apple guava, and the red one is called strawberry guava. The outer shell is hard, but the fleshy part is quite soft. The taste differs depending on the type. It has a bitter or sweet taste.


Guava, which likes hot climatic conditions, has started to be grown in Mersin Silifke district in our country in recent years. Mass production of guava is sold all over Turkey from here. Although its weight is quite expensive, guava fruit provides the necessary vitamins and minerals for the immune system, especially against the increasing epidemic viruses.

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In America it is often added to fruit sauces. The vinegar is made. Sauce and vinegar are added to dishes. In Asian countries, the fruit is consumed raw. However, it has many different uses. It is cut, salted and sprinkled with black pepper. You can often find this fruit on the streets. on the streets of Asian countries It can be found dipped in plum powder. But Indians generally prefer rock salt. Those who want to diet consume it by adding it to their salads. It is produced as guava juice with high pectin content. Tarts and jelly are also made. Consumption of its juice is popular in countries such as Mexico and Cuba. Also, some countries consume it like tomatoes. Tea is also made from the fruit and leaves. This tea is good for indigestion.

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Containing 4 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits, guava reduces skin shine and hair loss. In addition, it strengthens the immune system.

– Guavana prevents the accumulation of viruses and infected cells in the throat. It destroys viruses before they go to the lungs. That’s why experts recommend consuming plenty of it.

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This food, which has a low sugar and carbohydrate ratio compared to other fruit varieties, is a fruit that can be easily consumed by both diabetes patients and those who want to lose weight.

It is also good for eye problems since 2 times the vitamin A found in carrots is found in this fruit. It prevents vision problems that are likely to be seen especially in older ages.

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After intense and fast-paced work, we should consume foods high in magnesium to strengthen our bones and muscles. Consuming 3 pieces of guava fruit at the end of the day helps to reduce magnesium deficiency.

– Balancing blood sugar, guava also keeps you full for a long time because of its high fiber content. Therefore, it is an ideal food source for dieters. It works the intestines quickly. It prevents constipation.

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