What is a false orange? What are the benefits of a false orange?

This food, which has a rough surface, is actually quite useful. The fake orange, which heals many diseases from calcification to kidney pain, is a complete healing store. We did a little research about this curious food for you. What is a false orange? What are the benefits of a false orange?

The fake orange, which is considered a miracle that is good for calcification on the stalls in the markets, is an ornamental fruit that is usually grown in pots in our country. It ripens in September and October. It reaches the consistency of use in November and December.

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false orange


  • This type of orange, which is not consumed by eating, is usually crushed into an ointment or dried to make tea. Blended with the milk in it, the fake orange is good for joint pain caused by fatigue, stress, sitting and working out, and doing sports.
  • In addition, when it is cut and attached to the area where the pain is, it also relieves the pain in a short time. It is a natural cure that is especially good for diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis. It is called a pseudo-orange because its outer surface resembles an orange.
  • It contains alkalites, glycosides, sugars, acids, tar substances, morin and rutin flamonites and vitamin C in the compound of fruits.
  • The pseudo-orange, which is a thorny tree, falls from its branch after ripening. This natural healing fruit, recommended by experts to people who experience joint pain, usually relieves pain in one go. However, its use in chronic pain may take some time.

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