What is a cytokine storm? Covid-19 increases the risk of stroke!

Every day, a new research has been added to the research on the effects of the coronavirus. In a study conducted in the USA, the risk of experiencing a stroke in the future increases in diabetes and high blood pressure patients who caught the covid-19 virus but later survived. The reason for this is the cytokine storm experienced in the body during the coronavirus. So what is Cytokine storm?

In a study conducted in the USA, it was revealed that the coronavirus caused serious damage to the body. In addition, the reasons for the death of the virus, especially in chronic patients, were also investigated. Scientists found that most of the people who died had damage to their brain and nervous systems. Half of these patients are those with diabetes and high blood pressure. It has been observed that people who complained of brain and nerve diseases and went to the hospital since January survived the coronavirus, but began to experience health problems that would result in death due to some damage. A serious study was conducted when it caught the attention of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. Those with diabetes and high blood pressure showed some neurological symptoms after surviving the coronavirus. It turned out that the patients who experienced conditions such as speech disorder, mental blurring and visual difficulties had a stroke after a while. After some patients had a brain hemorrhage, experts emphasized that people who have a chronic disease and survived the corona should be kept under the microscope.


In the study, Dr. Colbey Freeman underlined that it is wrong to define the virus as a respiratory disease because the virus can cause health problems throughout the body. For this reason, he explained that it is important to follow up despite the recovery of the disease with the following words:

“Corona virus was previously described as a respiratory disease. However, the effects of Covid-19 extend far beyond the chest. While complications in the brain are rare, it is an increasingly reported and potentially devastating consequence of Covid-19 infection. Covid-19 is a neurological neurological disease. “Hypertension and type 2 diabetes are common in people who develop these symptoms. People with these conditions may be at higher risk for neurological complications and should be closely monitored.”

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Clots formed in the brain as a result of damage to the veins of patients who have survived the coronavirus process lead to death. In addition, the coronavirus causes the vessels to narrow and the blood flow in the body to be uneven. This negatively affects blood flow to the brain. Those with high blood pressure are especially at risk. Most patients experience a stroke later on. Experts think this may be caused by the cytokine storm.

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The cytokine storm is actually a defense mechanism secreted by the immune system when viruses settle in the body. Since this mechanism, which consists of proteins, doubles against the coronavirus, the body warms up quickly. That’s why it causes a fever symptom in coronavirus. However, if the cytokine storm continues for a long time, it negatively affects the body’s functioning. Because proteins use sugar in the blood and other cells in the face of the coronavirus they are fighting. This, in turn, leads to the breakdown of body resistance in the future. So the useful cytokine storm suddenly turns into a negative problem. If Freeman is on this subject “When your body is inflamed, it produces molecules called cytokines to help the immune system function. Unfortunately, if the cytokines are overproduced, the immune response actually starts to take its toll. A ‘cytokine storm’ leads to damaged, leaky blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and making it more likely to form clots. “We know that there is a more active stockin response, especially in people with diabetes.”he said.

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