What is a cochlear implant? Listening to music has a positive effect on learning!

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Listening to music enhances learning ” said Doğuş University Faculty Member and Hisar Hospital Intercontinantal ENT Doctor Assoc. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım answered all the questions about the cochlear implant for children with congenital hearing loss to hear again! Is there treatment for children with congenital hearing loss? What is a cochlear implant? What is the difference of cochlear implant surgery? Here you can find the answers to all your questions about cochlear implant treatment in the continuation of the news!

Listening to Music Improves Learning and Hearing!

Yes, you heard right (you didn’t read it), Doğuş University Faculty Member and Hisar Hospital Intercontinantal ENT Doctor Assoc. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım stated that listening to music increases learning in children with Cochlear Implants (Bionic Ears).

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Since these children are born with congenital hearing loss, they begin to hear with cochlear implant surgery, in fact, this may mean that they are reborn, they begin to recognize sounds. Before there was an image, there was no sound, but after the implant, sound and image begin to make sense together, these children hear from normal children. They cannot hear sounds, they begin to make sense of the sounds they receive through implants, visual instruments and spatial environments increase learning, and as they receive sound stimulation with music, they have a positive effect on improving their listening, speaking and language skills.

Who Is Cochlear Implant Applied?

It can be applied to anyone of any age group who has hearing problems in both ears or in one ear, in congenital or acquired advanced hearing loss. It can also be applied to those who have tinnitus with hearing loss.

What Happens If a Cochlear Implant Is Not Made?

Without a sufficient sound stimulus, learning and speech cannot occur, and thus he becomes deaf and mute.

What is the Difference Between Cochlear Implant and Other Treatments?

Comprehension of speech is better than a hearing aid, Speaks comfortably on the phone, Hears people and environmental sounds well, can better adapt to daily life, perceives sounds such as horn, alarm and siren. It distinguishes sounds better in noisy environments.

Cochlear therapy is very important for language development. In hearing loss, there is a problem in the development of hearing and speech, since the auditory signals are missing from the relevant brain centers. It is very important for people with hearing loss to gain early language-speaking skills, early diagnosis and treatment for the cause. With auditory rehabilitation, it is vitally important for the auditory signals to go to the brain and to interpret and teach these signals for language development in the early period.

With Cochlear Implant Surgery, individuals with severe hearing loss can hear, understand and speak, while the hearing aid only amplifies the volume, the bionic ear can be performed bilaterally or unilaterally in all kinds of hearing loss.

Although bionic ear surgery is different from standard ear surgeries, it is a very easy and painless and painless recovery process for patients.

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