What is a cleaning disease? What are the symptoms of cleaning sickness?

As strange as it may sound, cleanliness is a disease. At the same time, this disease is seen in one out of every four women. This situation brings with it some health problems that increase in severity as it progresses. Excessive desire to clean and meticulousness indicate mental disorder. So what is the cleaning disease? What are the symptoms of cleaning sickness? We searched for the answers to these questions for you.

Housekeeping disorder, which is seen in women compared to men, arises from obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Cleaning sickness, a type of obsessive disorder, is obsessive thinking that everything is dirty. Another mental condition that triggers this is anxiety disorder, that is, skepticism and obsessive thinking. These patients act involuntarily. Despite washing his hands, he repeats this action because he is not sure of his cleanliness. The disease is treatable. However, the patient should be open to this treatment method. Some traumatic conditions underlying the brain may pave the way for the emergence of this disease. These patients are generally considered to have lived in childhood. Because if not treated early, this disease causes the patient to experience more serious problems and disorders both physically and mentally in the future.

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It negatively affects family, social and work life. These people, who do not want anyone around, usually prefer an asocial life. He spends most of his time cleaning and cleaning. He does not feel the physical health problems he experiences while cleaning. These patients also have communication problems.

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Since they are constantly involved with detergents, they often experience skin problems such as itching and rash, as well as eye problems.

Physically, he can take serious damage to his joints and bones.

As a result of depression, stress and straining the nerves in the brain, there may even be situations such as nosebleeds and dizziness.

The most dangerous situation triggered by the disease is self-hatred over time. There are even rare cases of suicide.

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Doesn’t want to touch even the closest

Washes hands and face constantly

It cleans constantly

He does not talk to anyone so that guests do not come to the house.

He wants to wash everything he sees dirty

There is an addiction to certain cleaning materials.

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First of all, the patient must accept that what he is experiencing is a disease and its treatment. After the specialist convinces the patient on this issue, he starts to apply treatment according to the extent of the disease. There are three types of treatment. One is to regulate hormones so that the person is happy. The other is antidepressant drug treatment method. Finally, the nerves of the brain are regulated with magnetic waves and applied treatment is provided. Since it is a disease with a high probability of recurrence, the patient is kept under constant surveillance and treatment.

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