What internal organs can live without? What if there is no gallbladder?

Do you know that we can live in a healthy way despite the absence of some organs in our body? So, which internal organs does not need in terms of human health? We researched the internal organs and their functions in our body for you. In the details of the news, you can find out which internal organs you can live without.

Some studies have been carried out proving that this health process is not impaired, since some of our internal organs are created as a whole in terms of the functionality of human health. Of course, the absence of an organ causes disruption. However, there is no serious health problem when they are reduced due to the fact that there are two of some organs or that they do the same task in another organ. In studies on this for centuries, it has been observed that despite some organs removed from the human body by surgical operation, health is not affected much. However, these patients need a healthier and more careful diet.


The gallbladder is a small organ located in the lower part of the liver. The liver is responsible for collecting and removing all toxins in the body. During this collection, the gallbladder also collects the accumulated fat and helps to digest it easily. However, it does the same task in the intestines. Due to some factors, gallbladder fats cannot be digested, which causes stone formation. Therefore, specialists take the gallbladder along with the stone accumulated in it. Since the fat digestion function of a patient whose gallbladder is removed slows down, he should continue his life by consuming the health menu recommended by the specialist.

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The spleen is located on the left side of the abdomen. It cleans the red blood cells in the blood and allows the iron substance to spread throughout the body. In fact, many of the internal organs do this task. Since the spleen accumulates the amount of blood it receives, it can cause internal bleeding during any blow it receives. That’s why experts surgically remove the swollen spleen without damaging the body. When the spleen, which is effective in preventing infection, is removed from the body, the person needs to consume plenty of vitamins C and D.

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The tonsils are located on both sides of the throat. The immune system does the same thing as the tonsil, which strengthens the immune system by destroying the infected cells entering the body. There is no harm in removing the deformed tonsils in childhood. However, it is inconvenient to remove the tonsils after a certain age.

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Food is purified from everything that reaches the large intestine, which is the last organ in the digestive system. In this intestine, also known as the colon, fibers and salts are separated. With advanced technology, it has been proven that patients can complete digestion without this organ.

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Without a urine bag, people can easily go to the toilet. Of course, in addition to this situation, artificial organs can be made.

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It does not contain any nutrients in the appendix located in the right part of the abdomen. Appendicitis supports the immune system and allows the protein substance to spread throughout the body. As a result of inflammation of the intestines or kidneys, this organ is damaged and as a result of its explosion, it causes serious damage to the body. Therefore, after the swelling, it is removed from the body by surgical operation.

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