What happens to our bodies if we only sleep less than 6 hours a day?

Researches on sleep, which is one of the processes in which the body renews its functions, come to interesting results with each passing day. Normally, 6 hours of sleep is recommended in adolescence and adulthood. So what happens to our bodies if we only sleep less than 6 hours a day?

The benefits of sleep, which is one of the cycles in human life, are endless. The duration of sleep, which benefits from brain development to digestive renewal, is also very important. According to experts, sleep at least 6, 8 hours at most it should. In between these processes, the body almost renews itself.

However, if it is more or less, some negative health problems occur. Assoc. Dr. Nejat Altıntaş made a statement on this issue. According to Altıntaş; The body begins to produce a hormone called “ghrelin” at midnight.

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This hormone triggers the need for carbohydrates. When the body stays awake in the middle of the night, it eats because of the feeling of hunger. The tendency to gain weight starts with this irregularity. In addition, less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the functionality of the brain. This paves the way for forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s diseases.

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