What happens if you drink ayran in sahur?

It is recommended by experts to consume ayran, which is one of the most valuable foods made with yogurt, especially at sahur. It is very important to eat healthy in sahur, which is the last feeding time before long-term hunger and thirst. What happens if you drink ayran in sahur?

One of the most important points in Ramadan is not to lose fluid. Experts underline that it is necessary to pay attention especially between iftar and sahur in order to avoid loss of fluid. However, as fluid loss increases in the body, it causes problems such as headaches or nausea. He recommends the consumption of ayran in order to minimize these problems, especially during the periods of hunger and thirst. Since it contains strong minerals and vitamins such as sodium, protein, potassium, folate, thiamine, A, B, C, E, K and B12 obtained from yogurt, it provides benefits for the body’s energy stores.

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– It prevents the body from being dehydrated for a long time.

– Thanks to the small amount of lactic acid it contains, it renews the nervous system. It prepares the ground for a comfortable sleep.

– It supports the work of digestion. It especially strengthens stomach and intestinal functions.

– By increasing the intestinal flora, it allows the digestive system to remove the remaining wastes through urine and feces during the day.

– Regenerates deformed cells throughout the day.

– It reduces the headache that develops due to hunger and thirst.

– It prevents stomach ailments caused by the foods consumed in iftar.

– Strengthens the body’s energy storage, making it resistant to diseases.

– Provides the calcium needed by bones and muscles.

– It prevents cardiovascular diseases by balancing blood circulation.

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