What experts want to be consumed during seasonal transitions: What are the benefits of green tangerines?

The green of the tangerine, which is generally known as orange, contains more vitamin C. Green tangerine, which provides one-to-one natural treatment in upper respiratory tract diseases, contains strong solvents in its content. It has been determined that green tangerine, which has plenty of meat, also positively affects the functionality of the liver. So what are the benefits of green tangerine?

The purest form of tangerine, whose scientific name is citrus reticualata, is green. The green mandarin contains more vitamin C. That’s why experts recommend it to be consumed in this state. In addition to being plentiful, green tangerines, which have a high water content, contain strong virus-killing substances. Compared to normal tangerines, the green tangerine peel is harder. Although it likes heat, its consumption is higher in winter. Green tangerine, which has a sour and sour taste, is especially effective in sore throat and expectoration. It is recommended to consume at most 4 days a week. It is sometimes confused with the green of lemon. Marmalet and jam are made from green tangerines, which are recommended to be consumed in fresh form. In addition, the shells can be dried and consumed as tea. In addition, green tangerine is a raw material in cosmetic factories. It must be well preserved. Otherwise, it may rot as soon as it is plucked from its branch.

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Green tangerine, which is rich in beta carotene, is a complete vitamin C store. Thus, it is a powerful food source for upper respiratory tract diseases, which are frequently seen in seasonal transitions and winter months. Thanks to its antioxidant, green tangerine, which makes immunity a shield against viruses, should be consumed without getting sick.

Potassium is one of the essential substances for the functioning of the body. Potassium, which is found in 70 percent of green tangerines, contributes positively to this process.

Green tangerine, which also contains vitamin A, an indispensable ingredient for eye health, prevents problems such as cataracts, which may be seen in advanced ages.

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Green tangerine, which is rich in fiber, is one of the foods that should be consumed in winter for those who are on a diet. It both protects the body and prevents it from getting bulky in winter by running the digestive system. It also keeps it full for a long time. However, when consumed in excess, it causes diarrhea.

In winter, water consumption generally decreases. This is why experts recommend consuming more foods such as green tangerines or oranges. Kidney diseases are common in the dehydrated body.

It balances blood pressure. It prevents high blood pressure as well as hardening of the arteries. It cleans the microbe in the blood and also reduces the fat rate. It lowers the bad cholesterol level. In this way, it prevents cardiovascular diseases.

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