What does thyroxine hormone do? What causes thyroxine hormone deficiency?

Thyroxine hormone, which controls the body’s weight gain and loss, is secreted by the thyroid gland. However, any disorder in the thyroid gland affects the thyroxine level negatively. Subsequently, disturbances in bodily functions occur. What does thyroxine hormone do? What causes thyroxine hormone deficiency?

Hormonal balance is needed for the cells in the body to be more functional. The blood flow should be normal for it to spread to the whole body. The main task of hormone secretion is the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland does not release all the hormone cells in the body in the best way, sometimes there may be a rise and fall in hormone levels. Thyroxine hormone is one of them. Thyroxine secreted by the free t4 hormone supports the body’s balanced weight gain. When the thyroxine hormone, which is very effective in healthy nutrition, decreases, it can bring different diseases with it. It can also lead to health problems if not treated early.

  • Thyroxine hormone is secreted by the thyroid gland.
  • Thyroxine hormone provides weight control of the body.
  • It prevents adequate amount of blood mixing of vitamins and minerals taken from food during low.
  • In addition, its low level prevents the metabolism from working at an adequate rate.
  • This type of hormone, which contains iodine, protects the health of the body by ensuring that the blood flow and heartbeat are controlled.

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Thyroxine hormone has a versatile function in the body. It controls the structure of metabolism by realizing the distribution of important values ​​such as fat, protein and carbohydrates within the body. The thyroxine hormone, which almost determines the energy of the body, is also a necessary hormone release in the muscle and nervous system. It renews the tissues of the cells. In addition to blood flow, it distributes the oxygen in the blood equally to the whole body. When the free t4 hormone cannot be released sufficiently, different serious diseases occur.

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When thyroxine hormone decreases during the transition from childhood to adolescence, it can lead to mental retardation, disorders in reproductive organs, decrease in physical development and even dwarfism. At the same time, when the thyroxine hormone is secreted less, the body remains weak against viruses. Because cells cannot renew themselves quickly. This lowers one’s energy.

Fatigue also leads to situations such as difficulty in focusing.

As in every hormonal imbalance, sweating problem is experienced in the thyroxine hormone. However, on the contrary, sweating decreases in thyroxine hormone deficiency.

It causes chills and chills.

Constipation occurs as the rate of metabolism decreases.

Since it affects reproductive hormones negatively, menstrual irregularity and pains are very common. The risk of goiter increases.

The most common condition is hair loss and depression.

In addition, thyroxine hormone deficiency, which can lead to reproductive failure, causes weight gain with increased edema.

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