What does the eardrum do? How does the eardrum burst? Does the ear stick burst the eardrum?

The famous name Tuğba Altıntop has aroused curiosity about this ailment after the eardrum explosion that happened the other day. We searched for those who were wondering about the eardrum, which is one of the most sensitive points of the body. When the eardrum, which has a curtain-shaped structure in the inner part of the ear, is damaged, it can cause hearing loss. How does the eardrum burst? Does the ear stick burst the eardrum?

The part that goes inward from the ear canal is called the external ear canal. After this part, it is called the middle ear. It is the eardrum that separates these two parts from each other. The eardrum has two functions in the body. It adjusts the pressure of sound waves coming from the outside and ensures that they are transferred to the body. Another task is to protect the middle ear against viruses or any external danger. Although it has a very delicate and thin structure, it is difficult to puncture or explode unless it is subjected to a harsh intervention or severe pressure.

  • The eardrum protects the ear against viruses.
  • It is easily punctured or exploded by an external blow.
  • It provides the process of hearing in the body.
  • Otitis media is a common disease in ear perforation.
  • The rupture or perforation of the membrane is manifested by symptoms such as sudden dizziness, earache, and a fluid flowing through the ear.

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Ear sticks, straining during ear scratching, diving without protection, sudden head impact, leakage of chemicals into the ear, sudden loudness, car and sports accidents cause severe damage to the eardrum. As a result of these situations, the membrane is sometimes severely damaged or punctured or bursts completely. Experts intervene as a result of the control. The eruption, which usually starts with severe pain, then continues with loss of hearing.


– A severe pain with pressure in the ear

– Subsequent headache and balance disorder

– One of the general disorder in the body of hearing loss is nausea

– Detection of ringing and humming sound

– Flow of a clear liquid


It is useful to consult a specialist as soon as these symptoms are experienced. Otherwise, it prepares the ground for otitis media. Otoscopic intervention and audiometric test are performed. The otoscope is looked into the ear with light. If there is a hole in the ear, an audiometer, that is, a sound hearing test, is performed to measure its level. The test measures how patients respond in which sound intervals. Antibiotics are given to prevent infection. However, the person must have Tympanoplasty surgery. There is no natural treatment for tympanic membrane rupture. Therefore, it should not be interfered with in a house. Permanent hearing loss can occur if not diagnosed early. It is also vulnerable to ear infections.

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