What does abdominal pain occur after eating? Does gallstone cause abdominal pain?

The gallbladder, which is one of the health problems seen in almost 3 out of 4 people in the society, is noticed quite late as it exhibits different symptoms and conditions. Therefore, it triggers some diseases. However, experts made a statement about a common symptom that no one knows about. Abdominal pain after eating a sign of what? Does gallstone cause abdominal pain?

The changing health situation with the coronavirus was about to make people forget the importance of some diseases. One of them was bile and kidney health. These two organs in our body, which are most affected by nutrition, deform very quickly over time. That’s why experts underline the importance of nutrition. It prevents damage to the body by storing the enzymes of the liver, which is located just below the liver and in the body. However, due to an unhealthy diet, the gallbladder can be damaged. The amount of fat it stores can harm the body. Especially in the gallbladder, stones are formed due to this damage and excessive lubrication. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Ümit Malya underlines that the biggest factor in the late treatment of gallbladder stones is that it is confused with other disease symptoms.

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Severe abdominal pain after meals may be a sign of gallstones.

Abdominal pain after eating a sign of what?

Malya underlined that the gallbladder is actually a very sharp symptom. First of all, the famous doctor who talked about the effects of gallstones on the body “When stones form inside, if these stones block the stem part, the gallbladder cannot empty the bile and swells and becomes inflamed. If these stones fall into the main bile duct, it can cause jaundice and pancreatic inflammation. The first finding for all these is pain in the upper right region of the abdomen, especially after meals. These are primarily “ he said. Stating that the problem of gallstones is more common in women, Assoc. Dr. Fatma Ümit Malya stated that this is due to the rapid change in the fat ratio in women.

On the other hand, he stated that gallstones actually cause severe contractions after meals, but most people interpret it differently:

“Abdominal pain that starts after eating is an early warning of gallstones. Waiting for the abdominal pain to go away anyway can lead to serious problems as well as the progression of the disease.”

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As the fat rate in the gallbladder increases, it causes stones.

DOES Gallstones CAUSE Abdominal Pain?

It causes obesity and unbalanced weight because it causes excess fat throughout the body. Fries, pastries, and processed sugary foods lead to gallstones. It causes swelling in the abdomen, increased indigestion and gas problems after meals. This often leads to abdominal pain. Therefore, it is beneficial to see a specialist without neglecting the frequency of abdominal pain.

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gallstones cause severe abdominal pain


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