What causes water retention in the body? Natural ways to prevent water collection in the body…

Water collection in the body, which is more common in women, is a discomfort that 3 out of 4 people complain about. Even if blistering due to various reasons is not a serious disorder, it reduces the quality of life. We have gathered for you those who are curious about the right to collect water in different parts of the body. So what causes water accumulation in the body? Natural ways to prevent blistering…

Most of the human body consists of water. Water and oxygen are two elements that provide regular blood flow. In this way, organs and cells in the body function in a healthy way. Water is a nutrient that needs to be supplemented externally. As water consumption decreases, serious health problems occur in the body. The body, whose water balance is disturbed, stores water in certain areas, which usually occurs in the lower parts due to the effect of gravity. For example, water accumulation occurs in the hands, feet and knees. It is also seen in the stomach in some people. Since the water is not a solid material, it cannot be compressed, so it is seen as swelling from the outside. It can be treated naturally at home without consulting a specialist for water retention, which can be easily diagnosed.

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Since the symptoms are obvious, they can be understood in a short time. However, it is sometimes not immediately detected in overweight people. In addition, the onset of accumulation of water is seen with some symptoms. The area of ​​water accumulation varies from person to person. Sudden swelling occurs in the hands, feet, wrists, stomach and face. The body tissue is quite soft. Some also experience tingling and itching. People who sit constantly also experience water accumulation in the hip area. Wrinkles occur easily on the skin during bathing. The person often experiences situations such as weight gain and loss.

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Imbalance in water consumption during the day causes water collection in the body. When the body needs to collect water, it accumulates water in some areas. However, this water has no functionality. This situation, which affects the body negatively, can also lead to water accumulation in the body, as well as juicy fruits and vegetables that are not consumed in sufficient quantities. Decreased calcium and protein in bone and muscle tissues also need water. This water, which accumulates in the bones and muscles that maintain their functions thanks to water, can cause rheumatism in the future. That’s why experts emphasize that water should be consumed regularly from childhood.

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– When pharmacy drugs containing antibiotics are applied to the areas where water accumulates, the water is spread throughout the body.

– A black or chamomile tea bath also prevents buildup. In the bath made with these two teas, which are powerful antioxidants, the nervous and muscular system of the body is relaxed. Allows the accumulated water to spread.

– Vinegar water or pads prepared with vinegar water are effective natural ways of water accumulation in cotton. Adhesive-backed pads bought from pharmacies are dipped in apple or grape vinegar and adhered to the soles of the feet. It is removed after waiting for an hour. In addition, add one liter of apple cider vinegar to a medium-sized bucket, put warm water on it, leave your feet in this water for half an hour, and massage from time to time.

– Regularly consumed green and thyme teas provide toxin removal from the body. In addition, tea tree oil-based creams or the oil itself allow the water accumulated in the body to be easily removed.

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