What causes vomiting? What are the natural ways to prevent vomiting?

Vomiting, which is seen in 3 out of every 4 people in the society due to various reasons, is a digestive system problem. Vomiting, which is called the expulsion of food that occurs by gagging and rising from the stomach to the mouth, is not a disease but a disease. It usually occurs after the disease. It reduces a person’s quality of life. So what causes vomiting? What are the natural ways to prevent vomiting?

Vomiting is a symptom of different diseases that every person experiences at some point in his life. Nausea followed by vomiting, consumed food and food is thrown through the mouth. The desire to vomit, after the stomach is damaged, causes the nerve stimulants to activate the control center in the stomach, and the stomach muscles to throw the food towards the esophagus, causing it to rise up to the nasal passages. In short, vomiting is the event of the body throwing out what it does not want. In some people, vomiting does not occur immediately, so they experience nausea for a long time. Because the foods that go up in the vomiting process go up when the lid at the intersection of the stomach and esophagus is opened. Some people experience stomach pain for a long time because the strength of their muscular system cannot open this valve.

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– Poisoning

– Long trips

– Concussion in marine vessels

– High intake of nicotine and caffeine

– Viruses or bacteria that have entered the body

– Damage to the stomach muscles after high fever

– Insect bites

– Wrong drug consumption

– stomach ailments; ulcers, chills and reflux

– As a result of changes in complications in the body during pregnancy

– Vomiting may occur after surgical operations with narcosis and anesthesia applications.

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– Deep breathing is good for vomiting experienced especially during travels. When you take a few deep breaths through your mouth or nose, the nervous system is calmed. The command of the action center in the brain, however, forgets the feeling of vomiting.

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– Another effective method that is not certain but recommended by most of the experts is low salt crackers. Crackers prevent contractions by reducing the surge of stomach acid.

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– There are certain relaxation centers in the body, one of them is the wrists and the palms towards the thumb. Gently rubbing these areas calms the nerves. Some alternative medicine experts are reminded that rubbing ice together is more effective.

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– Experts who say that it would be more beneficial to vomit instead of stopping it during the urge to vomit, it is okay if it happens once or twice, but they recommend consuming water slowly after it so that it does not continue.

– Lemonade, mint tea and ginger are the most effective natural foods to prevent vomiting. Although there is no definite scientific evidence, another natural food that alternative medicine experts say relieves the stomach is fennel tea.

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– Thanks to the fiber contained in bananas and apples, it regulates the functions of the digestive system, namely the esophagus and stomach.

– In Asian culture, the most natural remedy thought to prevent vomiting is rice porridge. It reminds me that low-fat rice porridge prevents rapid contraction of the stomach.

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