What causes typhus disease? What are the symptoms of typhus disease?

Typhus, the disease caused by the virus that enters the skin due to insect species such as lice and fleas, causes excessive itching. Typhus, a contagious and risky disease, was a serious disease seen worldwide during the war years. In those years, the death rate was quite high because there was no treatment. So what causes typhus disease? What are the symptoms of typhus disease?

It is called spotted fever because red blisters form on the skin surface among the people. It is caused by a bacterium called Rickettsia prowazekii. It was on the list of deadly diseases in ancient times. However, there is a high rate of treatment available today. It is commonly seen in places where there is no hygiene rate. It is usually still experienced in concentration camps and underdeveloped countries. The microbe called Rickettsia prowazekii is mixed with the blood by the bite of fleas or lice. It lowers immunity from the moment it enters the blood.

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It is common in the first years of its occurrence due to the fact that the cause is contagious. The microbe that enters under the skin with the bite of insects and causes blisters here causes itching. With itching, the blisters caused by the virus are transmitted between the nails and hands. The virus, which is transmitted to the hand, is transmitted to other people by contact.

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Excessive itching and blisters on the skin surface. This is followed by bone pain and high fever. With the weakening of immunity, symptoms such as headache, severe body tremor, weakness, dryness on the skin surface, cracking of the lips and coughing are observed. After the virus enters the body, these symptoms are seen day by day after about a week. Symptoms then progress rapidly. This can cause loss of consciousness and speech difficulties in the future. If the disease is not treated early, it leads to serious complications in the body. Conditions such as kidney failure, nervous system problems and restlessness are seen.

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A skin biopsy and blood test are done. However, antibiotic therapy is started quickly. The treatment, which is started after the symptoms appear within 48 hours, takes a long time. Attention should be paid to the ways of protection and spread of the virus, which is not easily excreted from the body. Especially hygiene should be checked. At the same time, pets should not be kept in the house. A vaccine is available today.

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