What causes stress? What does stress do to the body? What are the symptoms of acute stress disorder?

The stress experienced by people living in metropolitan life is a health problem in itself. Stress, which is a psychological problem experienced by people in the struggle for life, not only reduces the quality of life, but also negatively affects the health of the body. Experts explained that the risk of being seen in one out of two people in each family increases as acute stress. What does stress do to the body? What are the symptoms of acute stress disorder?

Stress, which is not considered a disease but is a serious health problem, is seen in 80 percent of the society. In its advanced stage, it can become chronic. The state of health that the body experiences by not being able to cope with negative events is called stress. Starting with nervous and anxious states, it continues to break completely in social life at a later time. Stress negatively affects the digestive, nervous and immune systems, leading to diseases. Psychiatrists believe that the biggest reason why stress shows today; intense work life, difficult living conditions, increase in health problems, exams and other diseases. As a result of the tests, it was revealed that the person’s constant worry and emotional changes against the events caused him to become a perfectionist after a while. After this, the increase in the anxious state of the person begins to become chronic. This situation, which begins to become chronic, becomes unbearable. It leads to mental deterioration of both the person and those around him.

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This type of stress is the most common. It is usually seen during exam periods. Although this stress, which is seen with small attacks, affects success at first, it becomes harmful as a result of its increase. acute stressusually takes a short time.

When acute stress persists episodic acute stress It is seen in those whose jobs do not go well. Persons who have gone wrong one after another; They appear angry, worried, and rude. In addition to being bad in human relations, it also prepares the ground for heart diseases.

Chronic stress is the long-term stress experienced by people who cannot get over their child traumas. chronic stress The worst part is that patients make this health problem a habit. As this condition progresses, suicide, sudden heart attack, stroke and digestive disorders are seen.

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Since it affects the functions of body cells negatively, it can cause many diseases. One of them is skin diseases. Especially common skin disease such as eczema is experienced after stress.

Another common disease is digestive diseases. Gastritis, ulcer and stomach pain are the leading ones. Sudden stress disrupts the functionality of the stomach. It paves the way for health problems such as vomiting and eating disorders. Even if the stress passes, it can leave its place to stomach diseases.

Bipolar bowel problems such as constipation or diarrhea are also seen after stress. The reason is that excessive stress disrupts the nerve cells and then the intestinal flora. This leads to insufficient grinding of nutrients in the intestines.

Disruption of nerve cells also impairs brain function. These nerve cells, which affect the anterior lobe of the brain, which increase concentration, cause forgetfulness and dementia.

In this stage, when the body does not get enough vitamins and minerals, bone pains are also experienced. Because the body needs the most calcium and vitamin C during the day. However, because the stressed person has an eating disorder, they do not consume enough nutrients.

Another problem caused by stress is sleep problem. The person under extreme stress cannot sleep properly because he is constantly thinking. Sometimes it is difficult to wake up after falling asleep.

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The fact that the patient is constantly angry, anxious, worried and crying damages the eyes the most. Excessive crying weakens the nerves in the eyes. It thins the cornea and prepares the ground for vision loss.

Excessive thinking and preoccupation cause sudden emotional changes in the social environment. In particular, the intense work tempo prevents the person from thinking clearly. In order not to adversely affect the social environment, the person who is thrown into it gets depressed, either overeats or does not eat anything. This causes weight problems.

People under stress often sweat quickly. Their skin turns pale. He wants to take shelter anywhere. That’s why they don’t talk much.

Eating becomes irregular. They suddenly vomit after overeating. Or they do not eat at all, their immunity against viruses is weakened.

Bone pain is increased. Usually neck, back and knee pain is experienced. These health problems are experienced even when there is no cause.

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Since stress is a mental health condition, it should be treated under the supervision of a psychologist, but there is no definitive treatment method. Experts usually give advice for this.

Share your negative feelings with someone.

Prioritize the things that make you happy

The body should be relaxed with regular breathing and exercises.

Must adapt to your environment or change your environment

Necessary nutrients should be taken to regulate sleep

In addition, vitamins and minerals are consumed to try to get rid of stress from the body.

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