What causes squinting?

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar defines squinting as “it is characterized by staring at the same point for a long time, usually unconsciously but sometimes consciously, not blinking the eyelids”. So what is the cause of the eye twitch?

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Diverting is defined as “looking at the same point for a long time, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes unconsciously. Fatigue, stress Unlike eye twitching that occurs in situations such as eye twitching, it is characterized by never breaking the eyelids. But what causes eye drooping, do you know?

Causes of eye squint

  • It is usually caused by the brain’s suspension of visual function by focusing on other thoughts
  • Stressed people who work mostly at intense work tempo squint more often
  • Drooling is more common in advanced ages
  • Although very rarely, it may be a symptom of neurological diseases and epileptic seizures

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