What causes sleep paralysis? What are the symptoms of sleep paralysis? Is there a cure for sleep paralysis?

We have searched for you about sleep paralysis, a disorder that has been wondered by the statement of singer Hadise in the past days. This situation, which almost everyone experiences once in their life, is actually a health problem. The reason why it is called paralysis is that the person loses his power to move during this problem. So what causes sleep paralysis? What are the symptoms of sleep paralysis? Is there a cure for sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis, which is known as a nightmare among the people, is a disorder that belongs to the field of psychiatry. Metaphysics experts have also been very interested in this subject. However, many psychiatrists have carried out studies that show that this disorder is completely related to the functionality of the brain. Sleep paralysis, which is referred to as hypno-pampek paralysis in the scientific literature, does not control the physical movements of the person before falling asleep. During REM, when the brain starts to wake up, a bodily inactivity begins. This situation, which lasts for a long time, may recur. If the body loses its movements, the brain panics more, but cannot receive nerve signals.

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Studies have shown that it can be experienced as a result of a systematic deformation in the motor part of the brain called the pons. In addition, when the melatonin hormone is formed in the body in excess, it can damage the motor system. Since it reduces the functionality of the nerves, the brain cannot dominate the movement center even if it wakes up. Psychiatrists emphasize that prolonged stress and intense depression can cause damage to the nervous system, which can pave the way for such events in the state of sleep. And also:

– Constantly sleeping on your back causes the body to be fixed.

– Persistent irregularity in sleeping hours

– Consuming foods that will increase the amount of melatonin before sleep

– Increased stress due to intense work pace

– Depressive state resulting from emotional collapse

– Excessive phobic fears, such as darkness

– Don’t think scary things before falling asleep

– Reasons such as not getting enough oxygen to the body due to improper breathing exercises also pave the way for sleep paralysis.

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Muscle contraction during or after sleep

Frequent hallucinations after sleep

The emotional reactions experienced during the dream are actually the opposite

Persistent division of sleep

waking up by jumping out of bed

Difficulty waking up

Difficulty separating reality and dream

Waking up tired and exhausted

Irregularity in heartbeat

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Usually, drugs taken in sleep disorders are given. People who experience this situation frequently should get support and fall asleep by applying what the experts say. In addition, it is necessary to stay away from all kinds of situations that adversely affect mental states in daily life. Although it is not dangerous, it damages the nervous system when repeated frequently. This can cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is useful to consult a specialist early.

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