What causes pneumonia? What are the symptoms of pneumonia? What is good for pneumonia?

In winter, colds are more common. However, when the duration of these diseases, which last for a maximum of one week, is prolonged, it can be a harbinger of different ailments. The most common of these is pneumonia. Pneumonia progresses insidiously and can lead to serious consequences if not treated early. So what causes pneumonia? What are the symptoms of pneumonia? What is good for pneumonia? We have added everything you wonder about pneumonia to the details of the news.

Pneumonia is often confused with the common cold. However, even if this disease starts with symptoms similar to those of the common cold, it is actually a serious underlying disease. The pneumonia virus settles in the lungs, causing infections. After the lung, which loses its functions in a short time, the body becomes vulnerable to the virus. The virus has a contagious risk. The virus, which causes inflammation in the lung tissues, enters the body through the mouth, throat or digestive tract. Pneumonia, one of the viral respiratory tract infections, can be fatal if not treated early. After activities such as sneezing and coughing, it can contaminate glasses, handkerchiefs, cutlery and knives.

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Body temperature over 39

Persistent and phlegm cough

eating disorder, fatigue

Frequent waking up tired

Chest pain when breathing, as well as difficulty breathing

Cooling of the abdomen and severe cramping pains

It manifests itself with symptoms such as inflamed lip herpes.

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In people with an unhealthy diet

dirty environment

crowded places

stuffy places

Overexposure to cigarette smoke

People with chronic conditions are more likely to develop this disease.

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Serious damage to the lungs can occur if not treated early. This discomfort does not recur very often, but the treatment should be completed until the end. In severe patients, the infection in the lung is taken by tube. Depending on the severity of the treatment process, it can vary between 1 and 4 weeks. Treatments such as antibiotics, bronchodilator ventilation, oral or intravenous fluids and nutritional support are applied.

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Being a powerful antibiotic, garlic cleans all bacteria and viruses in the body. Experts recommend consuming garlic by adding it to meals rather than eating it alone. Garlic, which enters the body through digestion, expels the virus that settles in the body, especially with viral infections. In addition, the smell of garlic roasted with olive oil also helps to clear the inflammation in the lungs.

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Carrot is one of the foods that increase the body’s resistance. Carrots protect against diseases by renewing the cells in the immune system. It is recommended by experts to consume it raw in order to take full advantage of the carrot, which accelerates the regeneration of the lungs damaged during pneumonia.

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