What causes pain under the right breast? What does right chest pain signify?

The tightness in the rib cage on the right side is almost the same as a heart attack, and some people even think that they are having a heart attack. We have searched for the causes of the right under chest pain, which causes shortness of breath and causes sudden headaches after it has passed. What causes pain under the right breast? What does right chest pain signify?

The pain experienced under the right chest, which is among the chest pains, which is one of the most common pains, is usually related to the ribs. It is the bone arrangement in which 12 bones are arranged one under the other after the collarbone on the right. It is also on the left side. Pain in these parts leads to shortness of breath. He states that most of the patients who complain about this pain, which occurs due to many diseases, experience symptoms such as a heart attack.

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right under chest pain usually originating from ribs


  1. It is experienced due to damage to the ribs after a traffic accident or a heavy blow to the chest due to any reason during the day.
  2. As the lung inflammation develops and damages the bones, pain is seen in that part.
  3. It occurs due to the thinning of the bone structure of osteoporosis, which is a general bone disease.
  4. Spasms and contractions in the muscles cause right chest pain.
  5. Deficiencies in iron, C and De vitamins, which are severely experienced throughout the body, also pave the way for this kind of pain.

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right lower chest pain is the most common problem in women


Your rib may have been damaged as a result of excessive exercise. In addition, sometimes diseases show symptoms in different ways. Lung inflammation also sometimes presents with only chest pain. This is how the damage or inflammation of the rib bones manifests itself. When these situations occur very often, it is useful to consult a specialist.


After the complaints and symptoms, the specialist doctor makes examinations. As a result, the treatment of the disease is determined according to the condition causing the right under-chest pain. These pains, which are mostly caused by rib problems or caused by cold diseases, also determine the treatment method, from sitting and moving.

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