What causes outer ear inflammation? What are the symptoms of outer ear inflammation?

External ear infection usually occurs after bathing, swimming pool and sea. This discomfort, which causes severe pain, negatively affects the quality of life of the person. It is useful to immediately consult a specialist in external ear inflammation that causes itching and redness in the ear. Otherwise, it can lead to loss of sensation. So what causes outer ear inflammation?

In the summer months, external ear inflammation occurs as a result of the water accumulating in the ear due to the sea and the pool, producing bacteria. However, external ear infection is a serious health problem that is frequently experienced not only during these periods, but also due to the cold weather in the winter months. Bacteria that accumulate in the ear or enter through the air tend to form a fungus over time. By treating early return, the health of the nose or head area is preserved. External ear infections are generally valid for people who have had external ear infections before, those who are sensitive to cold weather, especially those who do not do careful ear cleaning after a bath. This discomfort, which is different from otitis media, is experienced in the skin around the outer ear and around the hole in the ear. If left untreated, it also affects the inner ear.


Athletes, people who have undergone surgery, those with chronic diseases, those who eat irregularly, those who undergo chemotherapy and those who work outdoors are at risk of this disease. These bacteria, which can penetrate rapidly, affect the quality of life quite negatively. Headphones are the most important trigger factor in this regard. For this reason, experts emphasize that the cleaning of the earphones should be paid attention to, although they are used individually as well as jointly.


  • Severe itching and rash in the ear,
  • Swelling in the area of ​​pain
  • Severe pain experienced during contact with the ear and headache that develops after this pain,
  • Causes such as a yellow or greenish discharge, congestion and the development of intra-ear pressure due to this feeling are the causes of external ear inflammation.


Since it has a dimension such as hearing loss, it is useful to consult a specialist when these symptoms are seen. First of all, the specialist tries to clear this disease by medicine without touching it. At the same time, experts throughout the treatment;

Ears should be kept dry,

Ear cotton should be used while taking a shower, swimming in the pool and the sea, and in winter, it should be protected with ear protectors,

Medicines or drops should not be dripped without the doctor’s recommendation,

He states that precautions should be taken against such situations, as scratching or rubbing the ear causes the fungus to spread to the entire ear.

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