What causes numbness in the left arm? Is numbness in the left arm a sign of a heart attack?

One of the pains that almost everyone experiences from time to time is the left arm. These pains that occur in the left arm, which is close to the heart, are usually attributed to heart diseases. We have searched for those who are curious about this ailment, which can occur after a heavy load or due to the tempo and nutrition during the day. So what causes numbness in the left arm? Is numbness in the left arm a sign of a heart attack?

The nervous system, which is interconnected in the whole body system, sometimes experiences contractions, which paves the way for pain in various parts of the body. In the scientific literature, left arm numbness has been passed as a disorder due to nerve damage or neck hernia. The nerves to the left arm are damaged after experiencing problems such as being hit or lifting heavy loads. Along with this, numbness occurs in the muscles and bones. This problem, which is experienced from the bottom of the shoulder to the fingertips, reduces the quality of life. Pain that manifests itself with contractions restricts hand movements. One of the causes of left arm numbness, which is usually seen in women, is the pressure on the nerves of the wedding ring, which is constantly worn on the left hand. Also, more weight is given to the left side, usually when an inside is made.

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– Disorder in the digestive system

– Damaged diseases of the nervous system; migraine and rheumatism

– In addition to vitamin C, D and A deficiencies seen throughout the body, potassium and magnesium deficiency

– Heavy blow to the left side in situations such as a traffic accident

– Blockages in the blood vessels to the brain

– More infections in the body

– Psychological disorders such as depression and stress

– Constantly lying in the same position

– Irregularity in the rate of sugar in the blood

– Being in extremely cold or extremely hot environments

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IS NUMBING ON THE LEFT ARM A harbinger of a heart attack?

Left arm numbness as a result of muscle contractions is usually associated with a heart attack. Pain in the neck, chest tightness, dizziness and nausea following numbness in the left arm may be a sign of a heart attack. However, left arm numbness can also be seen as a result of different situations. Therefore, the conditions before it should be checked. A specialist should be consulted in case of persistent left arm numbness.

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This discomfort, which is related to nerves and muscles, affects other movement centers negatively after a while. If it does not continue for a long time, this situation can be treated with some methods at home. However, if it is a common situation, it is useful to see a specialist without much intervention. Application of hot or cold towels. Oils or creams contained in refreshing foods such as mint or tea tree can be applied to the area by massaging. In addition, it may be in muscle relaxant cream or medicine. Do not lie on the area where the numbness is.

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