What causes neck pain? What are the types of neck pain? How is neck pain treated?

Neck pain, which is one of the most common disorders in society, occurs as a result of triggering some diseases or conditions. It negatively affects the quality of life. If not taken into account, it invites serious problems. So what causes neck pain? What are the types of neck pain? How is neck pain treated? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

It is a mechanism that allows the head and body to come together, with the feature of turning left and right. The neck contains the principal nerves and great vessels. These vessels provide blood flow between the heart and the brain. One of them is the jugular vein. At the same time, the neck supports the lower part for the jaw to move. It can move easily because of the muscles. Pain in the neck is experienced due to some factors. The most common of these is the part at the back of the neck that carries the discs of the spinal cord. As a result of damage to the discs, it prepares the ground for dangerous diseases such as neck hernia or flattening. Many conditions can cause neck pain. Factors such as wrong sleeping position, sudden changes in blood pressure, unconscious body movements, long-term wrong sitting and muscle tension prepare the environment for neck pain. Hard and sharp pains in the neck area negatively affect the body’s musculature. It also brings drowsiness, headaches, and eating difficulties. Neck pain, which is usually seen in desk workers, also occurs due to diseases. It causes serious problems if not intervened early.


– As in every part of the body, there is tension in the muscles here. This is caused by lying down, reading a book or clenching the teeth during sleep.

As age progresses, the abrasions that occur in the bones and joints prepare the ground for neck pain.

– The narrowing of the nerves caused by the compression in the spine also paves the way for severe pain. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Otherwise, it will lead to bad health problems.

– Impact due to environmental factors or long-term incorrect sitting can cause neck pain.

– Neck pain is among the symptoms of some diseases such as rheumatoid and meningitis.

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Pain is handled in 3 situations. Specialists usually take these processes into account in treatment. When neck pain does not go away on its own, a specialist should be consulted. Long-lasting neck pain in 4 weeks Acute is called. until 12 subacuteand for more than 3 months ChronicIt is called neck pain.

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The mixture prepared from olive, mint, lavender, basil and cypress oils is applied to the neck by massaging. Then, a clean towel heated with an iron should be placed on the massaged area.

Acupuncture, which is frequently used in the Far East, is one of the natural methods that is good for neck pain. Acupuncture needles dipped into certain nerve points of the body have the ability to improve blood and lymph circulation.

After detecting the sore spot in the neck area, applying ice shock is another effective method. It will be sufficient to wrap the ice cubes in a clean towel and wait for 5 minutes on the aching area.

Epsom salt, which is rich in sulfates and magnesium, is another natural method that is good for neck pain. Soak 2 cups of Epsom salt in a bowl of warm water. Then apply by massaging the aching neck part.

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